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Guide to fun-filled Skiing

In recent years, skiing has become one of the more fashionable outdoor activities in China. Skiing is not only good for one's health, but also helps one better understand the culture behind many other winter activities. So stop hesitating, and get ready to experience the charm hidden on the snow-covered slopes!

Beijing Huaibei International Ski Complex

Address: Huairou District, Huaibei Township, 548 Hefangkou Village. Tel: 89696677
Additional services: Restaurant, accommodations and grass skiing.

The Beijing Huaibei International Ski Complex is a destination where one can ski, eat, sightsee and spend a comfortable night. Actually, it's a tourist destination for all seasons. The ski complex is linked to the renowned Mutianyu Section of the Great Wall.
The length of the snowfield is 3,800 meters, with a drop of 238 meters. The ski resort has two advanced courses, one intermediate course, and four slopes for beginners. It's

Beijing's longest and biggest international ski resort. One can also go tubing, snowmobiling, try snow archery, skijoring, ice climbing and a variety of other activities. The complex has a 1,200-meter cable, with six cable cars, for sightseeing. The multifunction complex, equipment store, restaurant, accommodations (ski resort) and additional recreational facilities ensure top-quality services are provided - without any delays.

Beijing Yunfoshan Ski Complex

Address: Miyun County, Xiwengzhuang Township.
Tel: 89032601
Additional service: Restaurant.

Beijing Yunfoshan Ski Complex is a superb, integrated destination that can meet all needs for accommodations, eating, gatherings, exercising and entertainment.

The complex has one 1,000-meter advanced course, three 300- to 700-meter intermediate courses, and four 100- to 300-meter slopes for beginners, there is a 600-meter course for snowmobiling, and a 1.5-meter course for cross-country skiing. The newly built U-shape snowboarding course has quickly become popular.

Beijing Lianhuashan Ski Complex

Address: Shunyi District, Zhang Township, Liangshan.
Tel: 61488111/61488333
Additional service: Restaurant.

The complex has seven courses - from beginner to advanced - from which to choose. Each seat on the ski lift can accommodate four people. The complex also has five ropeways, a special course for tubing, a snowmobiling course and a snow field for soccer. During the summer, the complex has golf a course, tennis courts, race track for horses and an area for water activities. The complex also has a 60,000-square-meter parking lot, a 12,000-square-meter equipment-rental hall, a nature-theme restaurant and a distinct Russia-theme resort that provides guests with value and quality services.

Beijing Shijinglong Ski Complex

Address: Yanqing County, Zhangshanying Township, Yangfang. Tel: 69191617
Additional services: Restaurant, accommodations and equipment store.

Beijing Shijinglong Ski Complex was the first ski resort in China to use machines to produce artificial snow. It's also the biggest, most-complete ski complex near Beijing.
The complex is approximately 600 acres (Chinese acres). There are seven courses — from beginner to advanced — from which to choose. The ski complex also has two lifts, so sightseeing is possible if decides not to ski.
Beijing Shijinglong Ski Complex also has plenty of recreational activities — such as snowmobiling, skijoring and sledding. In addition, the complex recommends guests try their snow sauna and hotspring bath. These two facilities can help relieve aches and pains that result from a day of skiing, and they can help rejuvenate a person. Beijing Shijinglong Ski Complex provides efficient, trouble-free and comfortable services.

Beijing Snow Paradise Ski Complex

Address: Changping District, Shisanling Township. Xiaogongmen. Tel: 89761899 / 89761886 Additional Service: Restaurant.

Beijing Snow Paradise Ski Complex is situated on Fenghuang Mountain, in Shisanling. The complex is surrounded by mountains and waterways; the scenery is exceptional.
The complex uses the most-advanced ski installations in the world to provide its guests with the finest snow and the safest skiing environment. The size of the complex, including the ski runs, is approximately 100,000 square meters. There are two advanced courses, three runs for beginners, which are up to international standards, and one snowboarding course. To meet the various needs of customers, the complex has established an exciting, and safe, snowmobiling course, and a tubing course that is suitable for both young and old. It's a snow paradise for children of all ages!

Qiaobo Snow World

Address: Shunyi District, Shunan Road.
Tel: S4972568
Additional services: Restaurant.
VIP meeting room and bathing center.

Qiaobo Snow World was the first indoor skiing complex in China. Qiaobo is a themed park, at which all types of fun can be had. Other services - such as meetings and ski development and training - are also available. The complex uses cutting-edge artificial-snow-making technologies. Even during the summer, the snow pack inside can be maintained at more than half a meter.
The skiing area is approximately 40,000 square meters. Skiing, snowboarding, tubing and other activities can be realized here. The beginner's course is 200 meters long; the intermediate and advanced courses are each 300 meters long. Advanced towing equipment is used to ensure skiers' safety. Qiaobo Snow World is every child's paradise. The dining provided here is sure to meet people's tastes: both Chinese and Western dishes are available. At the sauna center, therapeutic massages are available for further relaxation.
At Qiaobo Snow World, year-round skiing is no longer a dream!

Other Ski Complexes

Nanshan Ski Complex

Address: Mivun Countv. Shengshuitou Village. Tel: 84286688
Overview: The complex has 11 courses, ranging from beginner to advanced, and a snowboarding park. Additional services: Dining and accommodations.

Badaling Ski Complex

Address: Yanqing County, Badaliing Township. Tel: 65010330
Overview: The complex is approximately 300,000 square meters, with 180,000 square meters of ski runs with artificial snow. The complex has two 800-meter beginners' courses, one 600-meter intermediate run, one 800-meter advanced course, with a 120-meter drop, and one 300-meter tubing course. Additional services: Multi-service club, accommodations, dining, professional ski shop and other recreational services.

Xiangshan Ski Complex

Address: Haidian District, Xiangshan, 66
Tel: 82594024
Overview: The complex has three courses, and it is considered to be a dry-land ski complex. Additional services: Restaurant, pool hall and multi-service club.

Jundushan Ski Complex

Address: Changping District, Cuicun Township. 588 Zhenshun Village. Tel: 60725888
Overview: The advanced course is 1,200 meters long, and the intermediate run is 1,000 meters in length. Additional services: Restaura coffee house and multi-service cl
in, bar, ub.

Ski Equipment

Goggles: Protects the eyes from snow glare and foreign substances.

Gloves: Keeps the hands warm and protects against cuts. The outer surface of gloves should be waterproof. Prices usually start around 200 Yuan.
38 Undergarments: Long underwear for skiing is made from special synthetic fibers. These items should be close to the body, stretchable and breathable. Prices range from 150-400 Yuan.

Jacket: Premium ski jackets are water and wind proof. Jackets should be rugged, light and made from materials that can breath, such as GORE-TEX. Prices range from 800-10,000 Yuan.

Middle layer: Worn if the undergarments are insufficient. Prices range from 250-1,200 Yuan.

Accessories: Ski helmet, neck guard, ski mask and ski socks. Approximately 1,800 Yuan is sufficient for a beginner. It's recommended that ski equipment be upgraded as the skier reaches either the intermediate or advanced level.

Skis: Beginners' skis should be wide and inflexible. Renting the skis is recommended. When renting, let the clerk know what level you're at, so the tightness can be correctly adjusted; this will reduce the chance of injury. For advanced skis, inquire at a pro shop and buy accordingly. Prices range from 1,000-7,000 Yuan.

Ski boots: The boots should be snug and comfortable. A good set of boots should allow the wearer's toes to make contact with the fronts of the boots while standing upright, but lose contact while leaning forward. Prices range from 1,000-8,000 Yuan.


The Snow World Ski Park was built by a Chinese and American Joint Venture. The Ski Park has restaurant facities,lodging and an amusement center.The location has a huge park for skiing,tourism and healthy exercise. The side is near the world famous Ming Tombs and is surrounded by evergreen covered mountains.In wintertime there is white snow covering the mountains.The Snow World Ski Park is the closest ski facilityto Downtown Beijing and can be reached in thirty minutes by car .
The Snow World Ski Park has imported the world s most advanced and professional ski equipment from the United States and Canada.
The Snow World Ski Park covers an area of 500,000 square meters. The ski rum is 100,000 square meters large. We have two ski runsione for middle level skiers and one for advanced skiers.We can accommodate more than 1,800 people at one time.We can put on Group gatherings such as wedding parlies birthday parties and evening fireworks parties. We can accommodate.500 people in the restaurants at one time.
The Beijing Snow World Ski Park Corporation,Ltd.

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