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About Beijing

The world is placing greater attention on the soon-to-be-staged 2008 Olympics in Beijing, and one of the Games' three prominent themes: "Green Olympics." Until then, let's experience the pureness and freshness of the "greens" that can be found in Beijing's suburbs.
Take a stroll through the orchards and fields and enjoy the scenery and romantic atmosphere, while picking your favorite vegetables and fruits. The limitless delight experienced by picking fruits and vegetables with your own hands can be realized in Beijing's peaceful suburbs.

Picking Chestnuts

Huairou District has the distinction of being "China's chestnut paradise," because the mountains and sources of water are free of construction and pollution, which results in a high production rate. Close to 10 million chestnut trees are planted on 280,000 acres (Chinese acres) in Huairou District; the annual capacity is approximately eight million kilograms. The local specialty is the Yanshan chestnut, which has high sugar content, and is rich in protein and fat. It is world-renowned for its fragrance and sweetness.

While sightseeing in this area, one can also harvest chestnuts.

Dashuiyu Harvesting and Sightseeing & Garden

Harvest season: From the second half of August to the end of September. Tel: 89616614 Contact: Mr. Jiang Directions: From Dongzhimen, take bus 916 to High School 3 in Huairou District. Then take bus Chengbei 2 to the destination. If traveling by car, take Highway 101. At Qinglong Gorge. Huairou District, drive north for approximately 1 kilometer to the destination. Other Sites: Qinglong Gorge.

Picking Fresh Apricots

Miyun County is a suburb of Beijing that is famous for its apricots. The county has a wide variety of apricots, such as the Chuanhong, American Yinbai and 10 other varieties. Annual capacity can exceed 10,000 kilograms. The area's fresh apricots have well-defined color, and they are sweet and fragrant. As a result, the area's apricots have attracted countless tourists over the years.

In proximity to the apricot harvesting regions are well-equipped holiday resorts and angling sites, which are well suited for summer getaways and leisure outings. The area is a tourist's paradise, where the visitors can let loose!

Xiwengzhuang Township Dongyingzi Village Apricot Garden

Harvest season: From the second half of May to the end of June, and from the middle ot September to the end ot October. Tel: 13611371674 Contact: Mr. Hu
Directions: From Dongzhimen, take bus 987 or 980 to Miyun County, then take bus 8 and get off at Dongyingzi. If traveling by car, take the Beijing—Chengde highway to Miyun Reservoir, then drive west approximately two kilometers to the destination. Other Sites: Jiudaowan Gorge and Taoyuan Xiansu.

Picking Watermelon

The watermelons in Panggezhuang, Daxing District, have an impressive reputation. The melon gardens here are vast, and there are plenty of tasty varieties of melons. If you pick the melons during the bright noon hour, the sweet, fragrant smell of the melons will not only set your body free, but will enrich your sense of vitality.

Daxing Laosong Melon Garden

Harvest season: From the middle of May to the end of July, and from the middle ot September to the middle of October. Tel: 89282866
Directions: From Yongdingmen, take bus 943, or from Lishilu, take bus 937, and get off at Panggezhuang. From Panggezhuang Guaxiang Bridge, walk east approximately two kilometers to the destination. If traveling by car, take the freeway from the South Fourth Ring Road to the Panggezhuang exit, then drive to Guaxiang Bridge. From Guaxiang Bridge, drive east approximately two kilometers to the destination. Other Sites: China Watermelon Museum and Beijing Wildlife Park.

Picking Peaches

Pinggu District is considered one of the most relaxing places in Beijing for picking peaches. On the hills where the fresh peaches are picked, and where numerous peach trees are located, magnificent crimson peach blossoms can be experienced during full blossom. Once the peach blossom season passes, the peaches will continue to ripen until every part of the peach tree is full. Select the largest and finest peach to eat; the hands-on experience is a joy in and of itself.

Wanzhuang Village Fresh Peach Harvesting Garden

Harvest season: From June to October. Tel: 13683506325 Contact: Ms. Liu
Directions: From Dongzhimen, take bus 918 to Guanzhuang, then take bus 5 to Wanzhuangzi Village. If traveling by car. take Jingshun Road from Beijing to Shunyi. and turn right at Shunyi. Or, take Pingshun Freeway from Pinggu to Shunyi to the intersection with Guanzhuang Road, then drive north approximately 10 kilometers to the destination. Other Sites: Elephant Mountain.

Picking Cherries

Shanlixinzhuancun Cherry Gorge is famous in Shunyi District. The planting of cherries in the region dates back hundreds of years. It is one of Beijing's most important cherry-harvesting bases. Large varieties of cherries — such as Labinsi, Red Light and Ukraine — have been imported from Europe. The cherries are grown organically, and they are healthy and safe to eat.

Shanlixinzhuancun Cherry Gorge
Harvest season: From May to June. Tel: 60461392
Directions: From Dongzhimen's long-distance bus station, take bus 915 to Shunyi. then take bus 5 to Shanlixinzhuancun. If traveling by car, take the road, from Beijing to Shunyi, to the intersection with Niulanshan Road. Then drive east approximately two kilometers to Weifan Road.
Other sites: jiaozhuanghu Traditional Holiday Village.
The harvest garden nearest to the city's center is located in Haidian District. The garden is clean and elegant; it is also very big and not crowded. All-inclusive services are provided — including housing, meals and harvesting.

Xishan Phoenix Ridge - Niegezhuang Cherry Garden

Harvest season: From May to June. Tel: 62455523
Directions: From the front gate of Yiheyuan, take bus 346 to Taitou Village station, and then beyond. Get off at Longquan Driving School. From the crossing at the Niegezhuang Village Committee Office, proceed up the mountain. If traveling by car. take the Badaling Expressway and turn left at the Beianhe exit, and proceed to Beiqing Road. Keep driving west until you reach the Longquan Driving School. Get out of the vehicle and from the crossing at the Niegezhuang Village Committee Office, proceed up the mountain. Other Sites: Phoenix Ridge Sightseeing Region.

Specialty Vegetables Harvest
Beijing Bureau of Agriculture's base for specialty vegetables is in the Xiaotangshan Hotspring region. Only organic methods are used to grow the vegetables. Twenty-three varieties of specialty vegetables—all of which are certified by the Green Foods Center of National Bureau of Agriculture—are grown at the site. With many high-quality varieties of specialty vegetables from which to choose, let's visit the site and pick some delicious, healthy vegetables!

Beijing Bureau of Agriculture's Specialty Vegetables Base

Harvest season: From April to June. Tel: 61781664
Directions: From the Andingmen Subway Station, take bus 912 to the destination; from Anzhen Bridge, take bus Xiao 48 to the destination. If traveling by car, drive to Xiaotangshan Hotspring. Other Sites: Xiaotangshan Hotspring.

Beijing Jinxiudadi Nature Sightseeing Garden

Address: Haidian District, 166 Liaogongzhuang. Tel: 88702172 (Sightseeing and Touring Office) Directions: Take bus 336, 355, 370 or 977, or Yuntong Bus 116, and get offat Liaogongzhuang. You can also take bus 746 and get off at Shenfangyuanxikou.

Beijing Suburbs Harvest Gardens List (Incomplete)

Miyun County. Beizhuang Township. Dongzhuangcun Orchard
Changping District, Nankounongchang Harvest Orchard

Tongzhou District. Xiji Township
Shunvi District. Sanlixincun Cherry Gorge

Pinggu District. Donglujiao Village 69911512 Shunvi District. Anlilong Agricultural Nature Villa

Pinggu District. Yukouliufen Harvest Garden
Changping District, Changling Township.
Huangsi Village

Tongzhou District. Zhangwan Township 69587198 Daxing District. Caivuwanmu Grape Garden -
Miyun County, lindi Grape Garden

Daxing District. Caiyu Township. Shanxicun Apricot Garden 80200663 Shunvi District. Imperial Apricot Villa

Pinggu District, Wanzhuangzi Harvest Garden
Pinggu District. Lezhenswu. Fangguang Village
Shunvi District. Nancai Peach Garden 89460188 Huairou District, Xingzhuang Township. Tangzhuangzi's Canopied Peaches

Daxing Discrict, Laosong Melon Garden
Daxing District. Melon Presentation Garden

Daxing District, Premium Pear Presentation Base
Pinggu District. Qinyuanchun Harvest Garden

Huairou District. Dashui Gorge Harvest Garden
Miyun Countv. Xinchengzi. Caijiadiancun Apple Garden'
Miyun Countv. Henanirzhai Harvest Garden

Walnuts and Chestnuts:
Pinggu District. Xisi Gorge
Miyun Countv. Heilongtan Chestnut Harvesting
For more information about picking fruits and/or vegetables in Beijing's suburbs, please call the Beijing Suburbs Harvesting Information Hotline:
Haidian District: 82622895
Chaoyang District: 64176627
Shunvi District: 81495566
Fangshan District: 89360123
Changping District: 89740051
Huairou District: 69659647
Yanqing County: 81191011
Shijingshan District: 68686201
Mentougou District: 69836677
Miyun County: 69027774
Zhaogongkou District: 07237325
Tongzhou District: 69515192
Daxing District: 69256060
Pinggu District: 89991180

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