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Flora Appreciation Guide

Beijing is a place that has many types of flora. fresh and lovely
flowers, with delicate fragrances, can be bought at local flora markets. The foliage of the various seasons can also be appreciated at various renowned flora-themed gardens in Beijing.
The predominant grand flora-themed gardens in Beijing include "Laitai Flora Town," on Maizidian West Street; the "Maple Leaf," at Xiangshan Park; and the "Water Lily," in Beihai Park. These sites, which are filled with mesmerizing scenes of brightly colored flowers, are great places to appreciate and buy flowers. Can you feel the presence of the "Green Olympics?"

Buying Flora
Laitai Flora Town

Address: Chaoyang District, 9
Maizidian West Road.
Tel: 64636145
Directions: Take bus 405, 406, 412,
953 or Yuntong Bus 104 and get off
at the Maizidian West Street Station.

Beijing Laitai Flora Exchange Center is approximately 55,000 square meters, and it is composed of Laitai Flora Town, Laitai Flora Public Sale Center and Laitai Flora Street. This is northern China's biggest center for showcasing and selling flora.

Beijing Huaxiang Flora Market

Address: Fengtai District, Nansanhuan,
Yuquanving (southwest of Lijiao Bridge).
Tel: 83679939
Directions: Take bus 300, 351, 757, 830, 857
or Special Bus 8 and get off at Yuquanying

Beijing Huaxiang Flora Market is approximately 7,000 square meters, which accommodates approximately 300 booths. The market primarily sells freshly cut flowers, flora for artistic illustrations, crafts, gardening tools and machines, root carvings, works of stone and artificial plants. There is also a 1,000-square-meter flora supermarket, which specializes in novel flora imported from the Netherlands. Customers can pick and choose from a wide range of fresh flowers.

Zhongshu Dasenlin Flora Market

Address: Haidian District, Beisanhuan
(200 meters south of Lianxiang Bridge,
to the west of the road).
Tel: 62119255
Directions: Take bus 320, 601 or 732
and get off at Lianxiang Bridge Station.

Zhongshu Dasenlin Flora Market is approximately 10,000 square meters. The surroundings are elegant, which coincide with the "Green Olympics" theme and the "green lifestyle." The market mainly sells premium flora, foliage, bonsai, fresh flowers, artificial flora, crafts, gardening equipment, high-tech items and organic vegetables.

Flora Appreciation
Beijing Botanical Garden

Address: Haidian District, 1 Wofosi
Tel: 62591561
Directions: Take bus 318, 331, 360 or
904 and get off at Wofosi Station.

In 1956, the State Department authorized the construction of Beijing Botanical Garden. It is situated on approximately 400 hectares. The main purpose of this garden is to collect, display and preserve floras from northern, northeastern and northwestern China. Beijing Botanical Garden serves two purposes: It is a tourist attraction, and it is a place for flora research and study. More than 560,000 trees, 5,000 varieties of seeds and 900,000 square meters of grass were brought in for the garden.

Beijing Yuqanying Flower Sales Exhibition Hall

Address: Fengtai District, Nansanhuan, Yuquanying (northeast of Lijiao Bridge). Tel: 63538637
Directions: Take bus 300, 368 or Special Bus 8 and get off at Caoqiao Station.

Beijing Flora Exchange Market

Address: Chaoyang District, Yi 8.
Dongsanhuan North Road.
Directions: Take bus 300, 302, 402, 413, 710
or 801 and get off at Liangmaqiao Station.

Beijing Tongsha Flora Wholesale Market

Address: Haidian District. Xisanqi (300
meters south of the Ring Road, to the
west of the road).
Tel: 62913782
Directions: Take bus 315. 345. 407, 618.
811 or 845 and get off at Xisanqi Station.

Beiing Huixin Flora Market

Address: Xicheng District, the middle
road of Beisanhuan (northeast corner of
Tel: 62378308
Directions: Take bus 300, 302, 387, 702 or
Yuntong Bus 104 and get off at Madian Station.

Flower Appreciation Tour
Beihai Park - Water Lily

Address: Xicheng District. 1 Wenjin
Tel: 64071415
Directions: Take bus 5. 101, 103, 109,
812 or 814 and get oft"at Beihai Station.

Beihai is situated in the center of Beijing. It's the best preserved imperial garden in China, and the garden with the longest history. The water lily is Beihai's traditional flora. During the early years of the Qing Dynasty, the water lily was cultivated, in the lake in Beihai, for the emperor to enjoy. Nowadays, during the hot summer months, one can cool off by visiting the water lily exhibit in Beihai.

Beijing Botanical Garden of the Plant Research Institute under the Chinese Academy of Science

Address: Haidian District, Xiangshan. 20
Nanxin Village.
Tel: 62836000
Directions: Take bus 318, 331, 360, 714
or 733 and get off at Zhiwuyuan Station.

The botanical garden is approximately 74 hectares, which includes a tree garden, Sugen garden, a water plant garden, an endangered-species region, a green house exhibit of tropical and sub-tropical plants, and 10 other types of exhibits. Close to 5,000 varieties of plants are cultivated here, and close to 75,000 seeds and 22,500 categories of seeds are stored in the specimen room; it's considered to be the best specimen room in Asia, and the third best in the world.

Fragrant Hills Park Maple Leaf

Address: Haidian District (at the base
of Xiangshan).
Tel: 62591155
Directions: Take bus 318, 331, 360 or
904 and get off at Xiangshan Station.

Fragrant Hills Park is one of the renowned imperial gardens in China. It is situated on the mountains in western Beijing. The park is well suited for plant growth, because cold air from the west is blocked by the western peaks of the mountains. Nearly 130, 000 maple trees cover about 1,300 acres (Chinese acres) of Fragrant Hills' area. The park is an excellent place to visit during autumn. Every year, after the maple leaves turn red, known as the honye season by locals, up to 100, 000 visitors travel to Xiangshan to enjoy the sight. Fragrant Hills Park is one of the 16 must-see sights in Beijing.

Tiantan Park China Rose

Address: Chongwen Disttict (beside Fahuasi).
Tel: 6702S866
Directions: Take bus 6. 34, 36 or 106 and get off at Temple of Heaven Station.

The China rose was first cultivated in Temple of Heaven Park in 1956. At that time, there were approximately 10 varieties of the China rose. After decades of development. Temple of Heaven Park established its own distinct characteristic; thus, it became the biggest China-rose park in northern China.

Beijing Jinzhan Tulip Garden

Address: Chaoyang District. Jinzhan
Tel: 84335180
Directions: Take bus 418. 703 or 735 and get ott at Tulip Garden Station.

In the past five years, the number of tulip varieties introduced into the tulip-themed garden has reached 100. World-renowned varieties, such as the black tulip known as the "Queen of Darkness," "Ms Holland" and "Golden Apollo" can be enjoyed in the garden.

Yuyuantan Park Cherry Blossoms

Address: Haidian District. Fuxingmen Road (beside the China Military Museum).
Tel: 68514447
Directions: Take bus 114. 320. 717 or get off at Yuyuantan Station.

Every year, during the spring, Yuyuantan Park hosts a cherry blossom festival. This event is well known inside and outside of China. The park has about 2,000 cherry trees. During the windy spring season, when the cherry trees are in full bloom, there is a wondrous sight as cherry blossoms are blown everywhere; it's as if it were snowing! People flock to the park to see the sight. As a result, it has become one of Beijing's unique scenes during the early spring.

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