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Entertainment in Beijing

Today, Beijing is really "a capital of lairs, culture, folk customs and festivals", a metropolis with ancient-capital charm and modern vigor. In addition to traditional festivals and celebrations every year, a good many of national and even international fairs took place here, including the yearly Beijing International Books Exhibition, Auto Show, Communications Fair, as wall as performances and fairs of top artists from all over China am) the world.

During the Chinese Spring Festival, traditional folk festivals like Temple Fair, Flower Fair and Lantern Fair are held, The Mid Autumn Festival, Ice Lantern Festival, Daguanyuan Spring Greeting Fair, Kite Festival, Watermelon Festival, Peach-blossom Festival and Red Leaves Festival together with a variety of mouthwatering cuisine festivals trace out a local folk custom picture, To a tourist visiting Beijing for the first time, your eyes will bo vary busy on multiple festivals and special fairs. AMoi appreciating, the profound and long standing ancient-capital charm of Beijing, you will also experience Its fast rhythm as an international metropolis, Here is a stunt: buy a piece of Beijing Evening Paper or Shopping Guide ovary day which publish rolaliva timely and detailed information on fairs,

Where might you spend your time from 9:00 pm to 5:00 am7 Sanlltun 01 Chaoyang Park? Beijing has nearly a thousand of bars, ballrooms and clubs all together. It's rarely possible to visit all ol them. It would be bettor to seek for several entertainment places of special style where the most merry, fantastic and romantic visions are presented. Wail a moment, what should be reminded particularly is that: only adults at 18 and over are permitted to enter these entertainment places.

Guide Regulations to Bar Visitors

The Price List in some bars is unique and humorous. For example, a kind of cocktail is named "gigolo": mixed with mint wine and Vodka. You can express your action by your body shape after drinking. Names of cocktail are very flaring. But all of them are from the color and nature of the cocktail. When you order, please note what the cocktail is mixed with for fear that strong spirits will make you drunk.

The same wine or drink has different prices in different bars.

Almost every bar has its own special wines and drinks.
Most bars offer band performance at weekends. But there are many fans, but you should get ticket.

- When you order a cocktail, you can request a mixing show to the mixologist.
- Since there are many bar visitors, be sure to look after your property.
- Don't drink too much or drink together with strong spirits.
- Don't drink outdated beer. ( lidin.-ny boors can ho stored foi 7 months, high-quality beers for 4 months, and draught beer for 5 to 10 days only.
- Don't drink if you're a patient of digestive system disease.
- Don't liquor up beer if you sweat profusely.
- Don't eat salted and smoked food while drinking beer.

Enjoying original Beijing Opera in Beijing is a necessary choice for many visitors. Before that, it's suggested that you should get some knowledge on Chinese traditional operas if you are not an authentic amateur so that you will enjoy it better. Please see next pages for details.

Beijing Oera Hot Zone

Beijing Opera, a quintessence of China to the core, is deeply loved by the people ot Beijing. Walking on the street, you can always hear the cadence ot Beijing Opera pieces from a roadside. Source of Beijing Opera can be traced back to several ancient local operas. In 1790, four local theatrical troupes from Anhui Province of China, sanqing Troupe, Sixi Troupe, Chungong Troupe and Chun Troupe, came to Beijing to stage successively. Their performances were of unprecedented success. The Huiban (Anhui Troupes) used to stage cooperatively with actors in Han dialect Irom Hubei province. So a new opera, known as Beijing Opera now, was born, focusing on "erhuang" in Hui dialect and "xi pi'ln Han dialect and absorbing the cream of several local operas including Kunqu opera, QinQiang opera and Bangzi opera. In the 200 years of development, Beijing Opera has been increasingly Beijingized in terms of libretto singing, spoken part and rhyme. Musical instruments including erhu (urheen) and jinghu integrated the invention of several ethnic groups. Eventually Beijing Opera becomes a kind of fully-grown art. Resembling Western operas partly as integrating the singing, dancing, acrobatic lighting, music, fine art and literature, so it is called "Beijing Opera" by Westerners. When enjoying the Beijing Opera, understanding the painted face of different roles will help you involve in the play better. Well then, do you know what the painted faces symbolize? To symbolize the character and quality, role and fortune of a person by painting colors on the face is an important feature of Beijing Opera, and a key to understand thegut.

Simply, red face is commandatory, representing loyal and brave men; black face is neutral, representing lionhearted and sharp sighted men; blue face and green face are also neutral. representing greenwood heroes; yellow face and white face are derogatory, representing fierce and cunning men; golden and silver faces are mysterious, representing God and spirits. In addition to the color, the shape of a painted face is also similarly symbolic. For example, the extremely evil-minded pink face includes that painted across the full face and that painted only on the bridge of the nose and eyehole. Different area and part painted indicate different catty and crafty extent. Generally, the larger the area, the more evil-minded.

Sheng, Dan, Jing, Chou

"Sheng" is a positive male character. "Dan" Is a positive female character. "Jlng" is a minor male role with bright character. "Chou" Is a humorous or negative character. Each character has a painted face or appearance indicating his/her Identification, which will give you an easy acquaintance once the actor steps onto the stage. And, do you know that there are a great number of celebrities among amateurs of Beijing Opera? One of them is Emperor Guangxu of Qlng Dynasty who not only could act but also play drum. In today's Summer Palace remains a nationally largest opera building which is 21 ms high and consists of three floors. Obviously, Beijing Opera played an important role in imperial palace. Ok, just think where you'll go to enjoy an opera tonight!

steps. In the Tea House, it seems to be in a museum of folk customs of Beijing. Together with the paintings and calligraphies, couplets, old-fashioned square tables for eight persons, backrest chairs everywhere, you'll have a sudden strong sense of literary aura. So far, famous roles of every genre including Mei Baojiu,
Yuan Shihai, Zhao Baochen in the circle of Beijing Opera; and famous actors of folk art such as Ma Sanli, Hou Baolin, and Ma Ji as well as performance celebrilies like Xin Fengxia and Li Wenhua gave show on the not-large stage one after another. As a gathering place for folk customs culture in the area of Beijing, a lot of excellent local traditional programs are showed here every day, including Beijing qinshu (storytelling mainly in song, with musical instrument) by Guan Xuezeng, Jingyun Dagu (storytelling in Beijing dialect with drum accompaniment) by Sun Shuyun, and Henan zhuizi by Ma Yuping. You can taste the full-bodied folk customs culture of Beijing style while enjoying the wonderful singing of these artists.George Bush, the former US President, Kissingger, the lormer US Secretary of State, Wang Dingchang, Singaporean President, Hung Suong, Prime Minister of Cambodia and Thailand Princess as well as other important governmental members from different countries were honored guests in this House.

Beijing People's Art Theater

22 Wangfujing Street, Beijing
Take No.
101, 103, 108, 112 or 803 and get off at Art Gallery stop.

As a small theater of Beijing People's Art Theater, it has a long history, staging operas well known home and abroad. Especially in recent years, audiences have preferred to stage plays in the small theatre, which has shortened the distance between actors and audience sharply.

Small Experimental Theater of the Central Drama Institute

39 Xianghui, Dongmian Hutong, Dongcheng District
Take No. 104 or 108 buses and get off at Beibingmasi stop.

Well-functioned facilities, 14m-diameter revolving stage, 921 seats, professional surrounding acoustics of high-quality tone. Services also include video recording, conference, exhibition, decor preparation.

Concert Hall Hot Zone

Wonderful performances are available every month in every large concert hall of Beijing. Listen to diversified delicate rhythms and dip your urban-air-polluted heart into the music. When the music ends, you will find your mood sublimed and purified.

Gold Sail Concert Hall

No.24 Wangfujing Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing
buses No.104, 108 or 111 and gel oil ;il Ail Gnlloiy stop.

Even farmost seats are no more than 15 meters away from the stage. A special concert hall for small and large elegant music performances. Without oloctroacoustic speakers, this Hall provides fully natural sounds to meet the requirements of music appreciation. The first one suitable for chamber music performance in the capital.

Zhongshan Park Concert Hall
In the Zhongshan Park
Beijing Concert Hall
No.1 Beixinhua Street

Beijing Crowne Plaza Hotel Art Salon

Crowne Plaza Hotel (No.48 Wangfujing Street)
Poly Theater
No.14 Dongzhimen South Street, Dongcheng
Take No.106 bus or subway and get off at Dongsishitiao stop.

Beizhan Theater

No.135 Xizhimenwai Street, Xicheng District
Take buses No.7, 15, 102,107,111, 332 or 808 and get off at Zhanlanguan stop.

Bars Hot Zone

Sanlitun Bars Street

All of the floweriness and craziness of night Beijing seems to have gathered in this narrow street Sanlitun. Adjacent to the embassy area, the street is quiet and clear. When you pass here at daytime, it's hard for you to imagine how ablare and crazy it is at night. All descriptions of people, either beautiful or monster-like or ghost-like groups, here is a world of night owls. Are you a bit drunk for such a Beijing under the dim light of night full of perfume, neon, men and women?

Wanna go to a bar? Certainly your first choice is Sanlitunl Here, walking to different bars is a good choice. Select a bar to your interest, and sit a while to experience the business style of the shopkeeper. Then, go to other bars. Different faces, peculiar music, widely different audiovisual enjoyment. Visiting a bar is no longer time killing. In fact, happiness is not from the bars themselves, bul from the friends alongside you. So do not drink unhappily alone. Be a bar fan and enjoy yourself in visiting different bars. Visiting bars is still a rising consumption behavior. Most of the visitors are foreigners in Beijing. Might be modern as well?

Xiang Yao (Country Ballad)

Sanlitun, Chaoyang District

The Xiang Yao Club has been well known in Beijing for music. You will relax when you are involved in the comfortable environment of American country bar style as well as the gentle aura created by smooth ballad and country music. This was a base for Beijing musicians, also the earliest music bar with on-the-spot singing-playing performance. Now, bands or groups staged here are extremely uncommon. Its English name NASHVILLE was just named after NASHVILLE, the cradle of American country music. Today, music from Xiao Yao Club is still so fresh and simple. Every night, passional shows of bands make people feel much enjoyment and linger here.


No.70 Sanlitun Bars Street, Chaoyang District
Blue signboard, droplights with vine-made lampshades, everything is like a moony dream In the dullish beam. Courteous and accommodating waiters and waitresses, elegant and harmonious aura. Soft and sentimental music.

Porgy's Place

Sanlitun South Bar Street, Chaoyang District

It is really the first American Negroes soul Music bar and restaurant of soul dishes In China. Specials recommended by the barkeeper: Porgy's Roasled Pork Chop (reservation is required due to longer cooking lime)

Inner Affair

F/1, Qiankun Plaza, No. 6, Bingliujie, Sanlitun, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Dark red wood floor, dark colored wooden lurniture and comforlable sofas beside a fireplace, chatting with friends while tasting best cigars from Cuba, you can feel as If you were in Cuba. Just choose a bottle of best wine in the world from Its shelf of wine and enjoy a "time of soul" with best friends accompanied by melodious music.

Ireland Bar

East Bldg.12, South Sanlitun, Chaoyang District, Beijing

A very spacious bar with unique and fine decoration and complete wines and drinks. The greatest Irish band Live Music plays dulcet Irish music! Of course, this is not only for foreigners, but for Chinese who wanna taste pure Irish cuisines too.

Certainly, besides Sanlitun, all diversified bars across Beijing are most wonderful places for you to realize a night Beijing. The following bars are very interesting personalized ones. Professionals bar visitor will never miss them!

Haoyun Bar

300 meters east of South Gate of University of
International Business and Economics

Haoyun Bar is characterized by band performances, regular performances, predominantly hard rock style, are offered every week. With the frequent performances by famous bands like Tang Dynasty Band, Twisted Machine, CMCB and 1979, it has become the holy land of underground rock music in Beijing.

Bars Hot Zone

Pretty Bird Bar

Bldg.3, Quarter 4, Anhuali, Chaoyang District (behind Jiangsu Hotel)

It consists of nine rooms ol different styles and 2 bar counters. Simply and uniquely decorated everywhere with ancient articles of folk customs collected from common people. Odd-shaped acoustics facilities are made by the Bar itself. A fancy and simple style of culture bar with folk custom collections. Most frequent visitors are from literature circle, show biz and other cultural classes. The gentle and lyric music aura dominaled by country music is serene, peaceful, comfortable, natural and mild.

New Bridge Jazz Shopwindow Club

Bldg.15, Quarter 3, Anzhenli

A Jazz bar with a slight noble flavor. Inside the "New Bridge" is slightly like an ancient castle ol the mid-century. Dim candle lighting. No portraits on the wall, but painted with abstract shapes of simple lines. It is said that the sound effect here is even better than that in the CCTV Studio. In the bar, you can really
hear many musical works of Jazz masters.

Ball House

No. 40, Zhonglouwan Lane, Jiugulou Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing

Hidden under Tower Bell, you can see few guests inside, but it seems they know each other well, some are playing billiards, some playing table soccer, some drinking and chatting, and something special here is "Iceland" ice tea.

Gransland Music Cafe

1/F underground, Donghuan Plaza, No.29 Xinzhong
Street, Dongcheng District
Take buses No. 113, 118 or 44 and get off at Xinzhongjie.

Once entering, on the opposite wall is a decoration painting that reminds one with extravagant and graceful flavor of the Moulin Rouge of Paris. The paintings are embellished with liquor cabinets on each side. You can eat authentic Western food here. Red wine corridor is fully reminiscent. Outside the corridor decorates the old photos of Golf treasured up by the bar owner. There are no places better than here to taste Rum.


Location: East of North Gate of Worker's Stadium, Chaoyang District, Beijing

With fashionable design and vast spaces, music here is predominantly R&B and hip-hop, most of customers are young dancing lovers. Perfect individualized services offered in VICS make it a best choice for weekend entertainments of youngsters.


Location: West of North Gate ol Worker's Stadium, Chaoyang District

Post modernism decoration style makes it pleasuibg and distinctive, its internal spaces are well separated so that you canchoose an environment you like or dance with groups of people. You can have a bird's view of shaking crowds through handrails on the second floor while lasting delicious Italian or French loods. It is absolutely a best choice for street dancing lovers.

Nameless Highland Bar

Quarter 1, Anhuili, Asian Games Village, Beijing

Welcome to the Nameless Highland Bar, an army camping paradise for beer and skittles. Unheard of army camping funs for you. There are wonderful performances and a wide range of games that you expect to find. Additionally, wonderful parts of World War II movies will remind you with something. When you are seized by a whim, do you want to mount to the "blockhouse"? This is a distinctive scene of the bar.

Tea Houses Hot Zone

Nine tea ceremony houses introduced here slightly differ from civilian salons- teahouses of old Beijing. The tea ceremony culture originated earlier and lasting lorever is more like a kind of artistic performance. As an increasingly hot elegant entertainment and leisure activity, it's another good place for relaxation and cultivation of moral character.

Santosa Tea Garden

No.1A Waiguanxiejie, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Beijing Santosa Tea House is located at Waiguanxiejie, North 2nd Ring, Beijing, easily accessible, close to the Liuyin Park, which leans on mountains and water. It has a business area ot 3000 square meters and a seat capacity of 500. Its investment registers RMB 50 million, mainly serves famous tea and coffee from home and abroad, also classical cuisines mainly including "bird's nest, abalone, shark's fin" and Southeast Asian cuisines. The Old Songs Vocal Hall is a classical work of the tea house, where famous singers and artists of the old generation sing reminiscent songs from 8:30 pm to 23:00 pm every night. Curio, old phonographs, old oil-fueled lamps and well-collected old discs make you feel as if in an old Shanghai restaurant in the 1930s-1940s.

Seven-Bowl Tea House

No.30 Baishiqiao, Haidian District, Beijing (100m east from the south gate of China Academy of Agriculture )
Take No.904 or 16 bus and get off at Nongkeyuan Nanmen (the south gate of China Academy of Agriculture) stop.

China classic style, dense cultural flavor. While tasting the fragrant tea, you can also enjoy traditional Chinese culture.Or alternatively, you can have fun with those jade-white or jade-green Taiwan celadon tea sets, or touch the Yixing purple sand kettles. The greatest thing may be a free appreciation of tea ceremony performance the bright wafer column swings magically among fine, slight and jade-like fingers.

Zhang Yiyuan Tea Store

No.18 zhongguancun North Street, Haidian District, Beijing
No. 332, 320, 904, 716, 106 or 941 and get off at Weigongcun stop, 10 meters north.

The Chinese name of the store is derived from the meaning of "Yi Yuan Fu Shi, Wan Xiang Geng Xin"(when a year begins, everything looks fresh and gay). Services not only include common tea, also tea ceremony, tea customs, tea cookies and literary performances. Zhangyiyuan Tea House is an old famous store with nearly 100 years history.1925,founded tea ground in Fujian, pick fresh tea by seasons,Zhangyiyuan is famous for its tea which is flovered.

Minghui Tea House

Temple of Great Awakening (Dajuesi), Bel'anhe, Haidian District, Beijing
Take No.903 or 346 buses and got off at Dajuesi
stop, Ihen 300m west.

The Minghui Tea House absorbs the advantages ol traditional lea ceremony Irani mainland and new tea ceremony from Taiwan. In a quiet and puacolul manner and with superior professional techniques of tea ceremony, it seeks for the perfection and harmony among tea, water, environment, human, business and utensil. Led by tea tasting, it helps people pursue the immaterial realm of intelligence. Visitors can enjoy a wide range of famous tea including the Woolong series, Longjing series, Green tea series, Jasmine tea series as well as Taiwan Woolong series.Delicious tea cookies and regular tea ceremony show with zheng accompaniment at weekends.

Ziyunxuan Tea House

No.53 Tayuan Village, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Take buses No. 110, 120 or 403 and got oil at Tayuan stop.

If you are hearing about it for the lirsl time, be sure to taste some tea here. In Ziyunxuan, the rolinement of Suzhou gardens and the practicality ol northern Silieyuan (courtyard with building on four sides) are combined meticulously: In addition to dishes ol the top eight styles, which are followed and dovolopod, it serves a lot of tea-related dishes, which are aborative creation by the host and hardly found in other places. Rumly named, these dishes are incomparably delicious.

Honglu Tea House

No.38 Haidian Road, Haidian District, Beijing
Take No.332 or 302 buses and get off at Zhongguancun stop.

The Honglu Tea House provides an unconventional sense for you with its elegant and sequestered environment. Unique tea culture, fragrant and refreshing tea. "The house will be stable if you are calm, and the meals will be delicious if you are immutable" expresses the true meaning of Honglu Tea House. Complete set of tea services and a drum to call for the waiters on the table add much interest to the House. It's just as it's said "you'll feel not tired in a house full of tea fragrance and you'll be in a good humor when washing down the hardships".

Tea Houses Hot Zone

Xianzonglin Foam Black Tea Workshop

No.69 Dongdan North Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing
Take No. 106 or 108 buses and get off at Dongdan stop.

A distinctive place in the downtown area. This is the possible reason why it is extensively popular. It serves not only a variety of, but also high-quality tea. All tea is made by the store itself and instantly prepared by professional masters to ensure the freshness. The garden-style decoration and design will give you a feel of returning to the nature.

Yuanchanghou Tea Ceremony House

No.98 Xidan North Street, Xicheng District, Beijing
Take buses No. 1, 4, 52 or 57 and gel oil at Xidan stop.

With a business area around 200 square meters, the Yuanchanghou Tea Ceremony House is a lime-honored brand of China with a history of 80 years. Founded in 1912, it follows the style of Chinese classical architectures. It has five elegant private rooms with different styles. While carrying forward the tea culture, it also meets the need of visitors of different types through designing separate tea rooms of different styles including Japanese and European styles, promoting China's tea culture stepping toward the world more largely.

Wufu Tea Ceremony House (Fuchengmen Branch)

No.20 Fuchengmenwai Street, Xicheng District, Beijing
Take No.103 bus or metro and get off at Fuchengmen stop.

Wufu Tea Ceremony House, Beijing's first one with Chinese ancient culture as its base work and tea ceremony as its main business. Simple and elegant inner environment, fresh and quiet aura, melodious music together with continuous tea fragrance from time to time. A piece of Pure Land in the blatant metropolis. When you come to the quiet Wufu Tea Ceremony House from a dusty and noisy downtown area, listening to the melodious Chinese zheng music, tasting tea and appreciating tea sets and chatting with your friends, what a fairy place! There are thousands of tea things in the House. And specialists from Yixing are invited specially to make various purple sand products on the spot.

Disco Houses Hot Zone

Passional singing and crazy dancing, extreme relaxation from strained life. In several large Disco houses of Beijing, the most kinetic Disco dance and the most professional lighting and sound equipment will stimulate your every pore and vaporize your tiredness with your sweat.


5floor,Hailanyuntian Shopping Mall.Chaoyangmenwai Street. Beijng
Get off at the Chaoyangmen subway, or lake No.109 or 112 buse and get off at Shenlujie or Dongdaqiao stop.

Wanna know the latest fashionable Disco? Wanna see Ihe newest and greatest dance? Banana is absolutely a place you should not miss. Design of the latest thought, the most scientific decoration materials, the most professional lighting and hi-li equipment, the most reasonable functional layout, the most comfortable entertainment environment and the most kinetic Disco music make Banana the most pioneering Disco Club in Beijing. When the curtain of night falls down, cool boys and showy girls gather here. This is the best stage for young urbanites to fly off their fashion charm. Even bar waitresses here are dressed up most fashionably. If you are among the group of peacock who likes to watch others or to be watched, then must take your most dazzling costumes and come here.

JJ Disco Square

No.74-76 Xinjiekou North Street, Xicheng District
Take buses No. 105, 107 or 22 and gel oil at Xinjiekou slop.

Founded in 1994, JJ is the earliest DISCO ballroom in Beijing. It is the Endsville in Beijing either in terms of site decoration, or the feel of music or DJ's aura-creating ability. It has a floor area more than 1600 square meters, holding 1000 people over. Metallic fencing and scene arrangement are strongly Europeanized and Americanized. Fluorescence dye paintings and characters on the wall are of a little abstract. Besides Disco, you can also sing a Karaoke song in warm chambers. Listening to the innerving music, watching the crawd dancing as much as they like, experiencing the fiery-hot green breath, don't you want to rock and shake logether? Come on!

Night Club Hot Zone

Tian Shang Ren Jian

East 3rd Ring Road, Chaoyang District, Bejing
Take No.300 bus and get off at Nongzhanguan (National Agricultural Exhibition Center)

High-quality and high-expense Tian Shang Ren Jian PASSION is in the Great Wall SheratonHotel Beijing. Imported lighting and sounds, modern, luxury and elegant decoration. Really the highest ranking Disco hall. To provide visitors fresh sense from time to time, it will be redecorated every two or three years with a huge investment. Originally and fashionably designed overalls of attendants are often renewed too. There is a large bar counter on each of the upper and lower floor, offering another option for drinking-chatting people. Also equipped with 30 luxury comfortable KTV rooms of different size with high-standard sounds. You will say this is the genuine karaoke!

Beijing Baotongbao Club

No.98 Beilishilu, Xicheng District, Beijing
Take No. 19 bus or metro and get off at Fuchengmen stop.

Located to the west ol Fuchengmen, at the same building with Holiday Inn Downtown
Beijing, adjacent to Hualian Plaza and Wantong New World. It is magnificently equipped and full of sentiment.
The club includes: delicate and excellent area for member activities of business, relaxation, eating and drinking and entertainment;
The Club strives to attract guests from home and abroad with its first-class services and gather enterprise elites from all trades for whom this is really a piece of "Pure Land" and a piece of oasis for relaxation after busy business.

Longbo Music Plaza

1/F, Longbo Plaza, National Agricultural Exhibition Center, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Take No.416 or 402 buses and get off at Nongzhanguan (National Agricultural Exhibition Centerjstop.

Longbo Music Plaza has been loved by teenagers. High-expense groups can also find their position here. Luxury fitment makes you believe that your cost is efficient. Music is all over the rooms, attracting your steps.

Huadu International Performance Center

First Floor of the CTSC Plaza, 2 North 3rd Ring East Road, Chaoyang District
Take No.300 or 302 bus and get off at Sanyuanqiao stop.

The payment here is very high.The costly Huadu can not cut down people's aspiration for it. Its reputation and uniqueness attract them. Since its opening, customers attached here by its reputation include famous enterprisers, famous actors from Hong Kong and Taiwan. Here is even a best destination for worldwide businessmen to have parties in Beijing. It has become the most unique, largest and most particular performance center in Beijing.

KTV Hot Zone

The word "Liangfan" is originated from Japanese, meaning "large quantity wholesale".
Since the establishment of first "Liangfan" type KTV in Beijing, this kind of super-size karaoke lounges spread all over Beijing with its high-standard hi-fi equipmenl, convenient song ordering system and concept of popularization and self-help. "Popular consumption and average consumption" is the biggest characteristics of "Liangfan" style KTV,
Chaoyangmenwai Street, concentration of "Liangfan" style KTV, is the best choice for singing, Four "Liangfan" style KTVs around Chaoyangmen are all offering marked price and all rooms are charged on the basis of size and time of consumption, different discounts are granted at different periods of time, In additions to rooms, supermarket are available in all these sites, minimum consumption is not required. All foods and beverages are available in supermarkets, though little bit expensive than ordinary supermarkets; they are much cheaper compared with bars and nightclubs.

Party World

F/1, Prime Tower, No. 22 Chaoyangmenwai Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Magnificent and spacious lobby, large number of bookshelves and soft and romantic lighting give Party World a taste of culture as compare with other entertainment sites. No quantity restriction is imposed on bullet dinner foods and soft drinks in its Buffet restaurant; buffet dinner foods and soft drinks are currently free from 08:00 a.m. to 11:00.a.m.


F/3, Huade Plaza, No. 41, Baiwanzhuang Street, Xicheng District, Beijing
Ganjiakou Stop by Bus No. 101,103, 709, 716, 717, 814, 727. 114, 320, Special line 5, Special line 6, and 202.

Located in the center of Ganjiakou business district, Melody KTV has convenient traffic, sufficient parking spaces and elegant internal decoration, its professional digital Hi-fi equipment will provide you with real top quality audio visual effects, scores of KTV rooms of different styles will create an unique atmosphere of leisure, fashion, joy and health, making it a best choice for gathering of Iriends and relatives, birthday celebrations and gatherings of school fellows.

Muslem Plaza, No. 241, Wangfujing Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing

Orient Scala

F/2 and F/3, Gongxiao Plaza, No. 28, Guandongdian, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Located in the center of Central Business District, its unrestrained design has made it a good choice for leisure and entertainment in the East of Beijing. You can get a strong cultural feeling there. In addition, you can also get the feeling of wild American western style and enjoy the humorous shows and enthusiastic singing and dancing.

Gymnasinm Hot Zone

Nirvana Fitness Center

Nirvana Great Dragon: West Block, Great Dragon Hotel,No.2, Gongtibeilu, Chaoyang District
F/10, Parkson Office Building, No. 101,
Fuxingmennei Street, Beijing

As the highest level fitness center classified in accordance with national standards on gymnasium issued by General Administration of Sport, Nirvana is a group member of China Calisthenics Association and first world class fitness center adopting franchise system. It is dedicated to provide world-class fitness services for its members. Presently, Nirvana has employed a number of professional personal trainers trained in Beijing by Infernational Personal Trainer Institute
and a number of experienced trainers from U.S.A, Australia, Korea and Philippines. Diversified collective sport items including emerging SPINNING bicycle, fitness dancing, street dancing, yoga, Latin exercise, Taiji, taekwondo, boxing and ballet. Nirvana has provided its members with a high-level exchange platlorm. Delicate mini-club, splendid member Party and diversified and colorful activities for members will surely make you excited.

Ma Hua Body-building Club

85 East Street, Jiaodaokou, Dongcheng District (2/F Underground, Dongchong District Library)
Take No. 107 bus and get off at Jiaodaokou or Beixinqiao stop.

Specials recommended: professional body building and entertainment site. All kinds of high-grade equipment with body mechanics courses, shower, bar counters, gym commodities. A good destination for publics.

Body Works(Sigema Center)

F/B1, Sigema Plaza, No. 49, Zhichunlu, Haidian District, Beijing
Zhichunnanli Stop by Bus No. 941, 804 and 836.

Situated in the IT business district in Zhongguancun, Body Works has convenient traffic and direct access to light rail train. In addition lo fitness equipment imported from U.S.A and delicate and comfortable environment for fitness, its delicate swimming pool will make you feel like being in a small hut surrounded by grassland and breeze. Exciting SPINNING will make you sweat profusely. Unique courses of ballet, step aerobics, taekwondo and yoga will meet the requirements of different groups. Top quality services of gold medal personal trainers and professional training constitute its unique features and make it distinctive in the industry.

Beijing Shishangkongjian Beauty and Fitness Center
F/B3, Block C, COFCO Plaza, No. 8, Jianneidajie, Chaoyang District
Beijing Railway Station Stop by Bus No.24, 104
and 108, Jianguomen Station by Subway

By integrating the function of fitness, beauty, hairdressing, leisure and social activities, Beijing Shishangkongjian Beauty and Fitness Center is dedicated to give overall care to the physical and mental health of its members. Each member will take professional test to enable Beijing
Shishangkongjian Beauty and Fitness Center to make personal fitness plan and provide considerate fitness services for optimal effect. A variety of litness courses and high level foreign trainers are beyond reach of other health centers in Beijing.

Zhengyikangti Club (Taoist Health Preserving Center)

Building 7, Qingzhiyuan, Yuxin Street, Xuanwu District, Beijing
You'anmen stop by Bus No. 19, 59, 122, 395, 414, 741, 744, 800, 816, 819. 939, 958 and Special Line 3

Special recommendations: Tae-so pulse diagnosis, mental recuperation, health preserving medicated bath and channels/collaterals recuperation. Emphasis on people, study secret recipes and methods for Taoisl health preserving, study the Taoist health preserving service system for mental, mental, physical and breath recuperation and practice of essence, energy and spirit: recuperation ol internal organs in internal recuperation; nutrient and superficial defensive system for skin in external recuperation; pleasing mood for mind easing; replenish premordial energy in nourishment of real spirit. Current services include: Taoist Tae-so pulse diagnosis,* Taoist mental recuperation, guidance of Taoist Gong, recuperation by lood cookec. with medicinal herbs and cleaning by medicine tea.

Chanzhou Yoga Club

Room 502, Block A, Xintiandi Apartment Building, No.1A,
Xibahenanlu, Chaoyang District
Hepingli Railway Station, by Bus No. 104, 116, 123, 120 and 606.

Chanzhou Yoga Club-As a professional club for teaching of Yoga, Chanzhou Yoga Club is widely accepted by an increasing number of yoga lovers with its systematic courses, professional trainers and elegant environment. It also has a well-designed class arrangements for morning class, after class and weekend class, Chanzhou Yoga Club is dedicated to provide you with considerate services in every particulars, it has a professional trainer team: all Irainers are from professional trainer team of headquarter of Chanzhou Yoga Club, all of them have professional qualifications and years of teaching experiences.

Blind Massage Hot Zone

As a special health-care method of the Chinese Nation, massage is extensively popular among the publics. Disable in eyesight, blind men have sensitive touch and concentrated attention. Therefore, massage is the most suitable work for them.The most promising channel to offer employment opportunities is to vigorously develop the career of blind massage. Every year, more than 30 million people of China go to blind massage for a medical or health-care purpose. Just try it If you feel under the weather or hypodynamia You can seek advice from the doctor to see whether it is good to cure your disease by massage.
Reflexology, as a constituent part of profound traditional Chinese medicine, is a therapy and healthcare method originated from China. Basic principles of reflexology area were discussed 2,500 years ago in 'The Yellow Emperor's Canon on Internal Medicine", the first Chinese classical medical book, for which, a number of physical methods like damp heat chirapsia and finger pressing were worked out, reflexology was well developed at the time. As this therapy and healthcare method avoided the negative side effect caused by intake of medicine by human body, it is therefore called "green therapy method".

Aixin Ziqiang Blind Massage & Health-care Center

No.2A, Baijiazhuang Road, Chaoyang District / No.40 Maizidian Zhengjie, Chaoyang District

Aibosen Blind Massage
No.HALiufang Beili, Chaoyang District

Fu Ju Gong
1/F Underground, Tianqiao Hotel, No.11 Xijing Road, Xuanwu District

Beijing Tianhe Liangzi Body Building Co., Ltd.

2/F, Jinzhiqiao Building, No.1A Jianwai Slreel,
Take No. 1 or 4 buses and get off at Dabeiyao stop. Driving: westward Irom Dabeiyao Flyover to Ihe Jinyuanqiao Building.

Feet vola massage service by using health-care method based on traditional Chinese medicine science. A thousand li of tour begins Irom your feet vola. Feet vola massage will relax your whole body. Feet vola massage: 138 Yuan/person.

Sunshine Plaza Qianzilian
No. 10, Anhuili Sanqu, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Beijing Wuzhisheng Reflexology Healthcare Center
No. 90-11, Lianhuachidonglu, Beijing

Beijing Renming Healthcare Center
F/2, CNAC Tower, No. 10A, Dongzhimennandajie, Dongcheng District, Beijing


Golf, as a kind of sport accompanying you in your life, is inconceivably attractive. A winner is the one who hits the ball into the hole with least hits. In fact, all is so easy. Whether you are a beginner or old-stager, you can show your bearing in this beautiful course without regard to Ihe difference of age, physical strength, sex and level of skill. For a beginner, you can consult a coach who will instruct you, hand by hand, one for one, how to hit successfully and skillfully.

1. Beijing Golf Club
18 holes
72 standard clubs
East of Chaobaihe, Shunyi County
Tel: 89470005
2. Country Golf Club
27 holes
108 standard clubs EE3 Mapo, Shunyi County
Tel: 69401111
3. International Golf Club
18 holes
72 standard clubs
North of Shisanling Reservoir, Changping County 60762288
4. Chaoyang District Golf Club
9 holes
30 standard clubs E3 Shangsilu, Tuanjiehu Quarter
5. Huatang International Golf Club
Beijing Dongyanjiao Economic Development Zone 65198888
6. Lijing Golf Holiday Club
89 Beijing Capital Airport Road 64561139
7. Beichen Golf Club
8 Beichen Road, Chaoyang District64910985

Amusement & Sports


Olympic Relaxating Sports Center
Category Shooting
1 Anding Road, Chaoyang District (in the courtyard of Olympic Sports Center)
Take buses No.108, 328, 358,387, 409 or 901 and get off at Aotibeimen or Xiaoguan stop. then to the courtyard of Olympic Sports Center. Or drive in through either the east, west or north entrances.

Beifang International Shooting Gallery
Category Shooting
3km west from Nankou, ChangpingCounty


Xihua Club Bowling Center
Bowling /36 channels
15 Xiyuan Playground, Haidian District

Diaoyutai State Guesthouse Club
Bowling /4 channels
Diaoyutai State Guest, Haidian District

Bowling Gym, Bescanp Amusement City Bowling Center
Bowling /6 channels
68 Beitaipingzhuang, Haidian District

Bowling Center, Holiday Inn Lido Hotel
Bowling / 20 channels
Jiangtai Road, Chaoyang District.

Rockclimbing and Bungee Jumping

Beijing Top Seven Ancient-Capitals Rock Climbing & Fighting Center
Category Rock Climbing
In the courtyard of China Puppet Show Troop, No.183
Xuanwumennei Street
8 climbing paths in different difficulty specialist instruction given at 6:30 pm -9:00 pm each Monday, Wednesday , and Friday. Free protection apparatus.
Qingiong Gorge

Category Bungee jumping, rock Climbing, rapid touchdown
North of Yanqi Lake,
Huairou County Accessible by No.936 bus.

Description: Introduced technology from New Zealand. The jumping platform is 58 meters high. Beside the Bungee jumping tower are rock climbing and rapid touchdown items which are very challenging.

Bungee Jumping Tower, Olympic Sports Center

Category Bungee Jumping
Olympic Sports Center
Accessible by No. 108 or 387 buses

The first bungee jumping tower in China, and the only indoor one in Beijing. The bungee-jumping tower is located at the fountain square between Yingdong Swimming Pool and Comprehensive Gym, forming a spectacle layout. The 24mhigh lower is designed in a structure of Las Vegas bungee jumping lower. Two options: one is with an air cushion underside, and the other is with a pool underside. Spraying equipment available in the evening show.

Category Bungee Jumping
Fangshan exit from Jingshi Expressway, or take You 10 bus.

Some equipment and technologies are introduced from Now Zealand. Two New Zealand coaches give instruction. The jumping platform Is 48 meters high and 24 meters long. The platform extends to the river heart from the cliff. Participants will bo presented with a T-shirt and certificate for the braves. Professionals will make DV for you to record Ihe exciting moment and remain beautiful memory. After jumping down, you can return by ropeway at the opposite bank.

Yanqi Lake

Category Bungee Jumping
take No.936 bus at Dongzhimen and go through.

The current only one of "rocket-type bungee jumping" in China, or the nose rag of "Reverse Bungee Jumping". Sitting in the seat chamber at the bottom of tower, you can be bounced up to the 50m-high sky within 2 seconds, revolving among the green lake and blue sky. You will have a spontaneous pride of being brave.

Amusement & Sports


Shijingshan Riding Club
Laoshan, Shijingshan District

International standard riding fences and dressed-up steps race course. The Club feeds several dozens of foreign blood horses and a small number of domestic horses used for racing and riding.

Training Center, National Riding Association, Beijing Sports University

In the campus of Beijing Sports University, Haidian District
24 tempered and trained English blood horses can jump 1,2m-plus fences and participate
in the Olympic games of racecourse riding race.

Beijing Green Riding Training Center

500m east from Lijing Garden, Airport Auxiliary Road P) 12km oast along the Airport Auxiliary Road from Northeast 3rd Ring
An area of 300 mu, 1400m straight racetrack and 500m cross-country racetrack. The Center is opened to members and odd visitors. Provided with horse racing field, fence course and horse tempering field. 15 horses for fences, dance steps and speed race from Europe as well as 35 domestic excellent horses.

Great Wall Sunlight Valley Riding Club

Driving north about 40 minutes along Badaling Expressway from Madian Flyover. With a total investment near 100 million Yuan, it is the largest riding course in Asia. Indoor and outdoor racetracks occupy an area of 10,000 square meters. The most amazing is the indoor racecourse, which is 120 meters long and 40 meters wide, largest in Asia.

Kangxi Grassland Riding Club

West of Kangzhuang Town, Yanqing County.? Annual membership dues 500 Yuan each person; life-membership 10,000 Yuan, carrying 3-4 persons for riding. The
racecourse, sand practice course and riding fence course locate beside the Guanting
Reservoir. Surrounded by green mountains and green water, the Kangxi Grassland is
given infinite charm and vigor. Riding under the blue sky and white cloud, what a pleasure!

Oriental Knight Center

On the riverside of Yongding River. Starting from Guang'anmen, driving for 20 minutes along Jingkai Expressway.

1400m round racetrack, complete set of riding facilities, more than 100 bridle-wise Yili horses.


Beijing Flyingman World Paraglider Category gliding
No.245 North 4th Ring Central Road, Haidian District
Take No. 386 or 944 bus and get off at Qiyuanlu stop, then 200m west. Drivo: along the North 4th Ring Road, 300m east from the south entrance of Beijing Sci-Tech University.

The largest gliding club in China. Members may enjoy Ihe feeling of a flying man alter trained at the Club.

Beijing Flyingman Airsport Club

Category gliding
No.24 North 4th Ring Central Road, 200m east from Beijing Sci-Tech University
Take No.386 or 941 buses and got oil at Qiyuanlu slop, then 200m west, along the North 4th Ring, 300m oast Irom Ihe south entrance el Beijing Sci lech

All kinds of gliding equipments and facilities, basic theory course, low altitude practical Hying training, club membership after trained and taking part in the field flying activities at each weekend.


Sea Diving Club Co. Ltd. Category diving, aquatic bicycle, sailing boat, skating, wind sail
El Longyuan Office Building, No.81A Nanzhugan Hutong, Dongcheng District office Yingdong
Swimming Pool:64935934


Zilongxiang Skating Rink
No.14A Hepingli Central Street (north entrance of Ditan Park)

Ice area 2100 square meters, holding 500 people skating at different speed. A considerably professional speed skating rink.

Amusement & Sports

Xidan Culture Square Skating Rink

3/F underground, Beijing Xidan Culture Square

The top-to-bottom glass surrounding the ice surface reflects on the glabrous ice surface. Your strong and vigorous profile is Hashed on the large screen in the rink. You will be very happy even though you are alone.

Beijing Century Star Skating Club

13 No.54 Baishiqiao Road, Haidian District
At daytime, it is a training base tor the National Team. On weekends, ice hockey team will train here. Excellent ice surface. A regular competition rink.

New World Champion Skating Rink

2nd phase project ol New World Shopping Mall, Chongwonmen

Hollow design, 3-D lighting Irom all sides. Come on and show your dancing appearance on the ice. You will attract a large audience!

Beihai Park (Outdoor) Skating Field

In the Beihai Park

Outdoor skating activities in each winter, lighting and sound facilities. Carry no key, knife, mobile phone and other gadgets when you skate lor (ear of injury if you fall over yourself,


For a skiing lover, the greatest benefit skiing at periphery of Beijing may be comfortable and convenient. You need not to bear the chilliness, worry aboul lired trip, worry about your short vocation. When you are galloping on the boundless snow, what is emerged in your heart is not only the excitement and tension brought by a speed limil but also the sentiment of involving into the heaven and earth. Now 6 skiing courses ol all sizes have been put into use around Beijing.

Huairou-Huaibel Skiing Course

In the Jiugukou Natural Scenic Spot, Huairou County
Take No.916 coach to Huairou county seat, and change a mini-bus lo Huaibei Town; or take No. 916 coach or Beijing-Fengning coach at the Dongzhimen Coach Station, you will get there through.

Feature: the most romantic skiing course.
Beijing Huaibei International Skiing Course is 67km or a one-hour driving from Beijing.
1 hour car way can fet rounded by Greatwalljs integrated ol natural view and man-made scenic spots.

Hardware: Ski runs ol the Course have a total length of 3100 meters over and a fall of 238 meters. The size ol high- and medium-grade runs can be compared with the
Run 6 and Run 9 in the Yabuli Skiing Course which is the largest in China. There are 4 primary runs.

A sightseeing cable car with a total length of 1200m, 3 trap-rails. The comprehensive building, which is distinctive and unique, integrates Skiing Tools Store, Restaurant, guest rooms and other living and recreation facilities providing high-quality and fast-speed services. The Skiing Tools Store olfers bobsleds and ski boots of all sizes. Chinese and Western fast food restaurants and Snow Bar permit 500 people eating simultaneously. Besides skiing, there are diversilied recreations such as snow motorcycle, horse-pulled skis, snow archery, etc. More than 20 prolessional coaches give instruction. Open Irom the middle ten days ol December to the beginning ol next March every year. Daily reception reaches 1500 people. The parking lot holds 500 cars.

Miyun-Beijing Nanshan Snow Skiing & Water Skiing Holiday Village

Nanshan Snow Skiing & Water Skiing Holiday Village Go along Jingmi Highway to Miyun county seat and just lollow the guidepost.

primary grade. China's first U-shape single-bobsled skirun of international standard.
Hardware:South hill have 4 senior,midium and junior grade skiruns:and lirst international standard skirun,snow plarground is absolutely sepraled Irom skinruns in order to keep the visitors sale. You can live in the Yunfoshan Holiday Village or Yunhu Holiday Village adjacent to the skiing course.

Yanqing -Shijinglong Skiing Course

Shijinglong and the Bus Corporation oiler jointly nonstop bus starting Irom every district of Beijing. If drive yoursell, run to the end ol Badaling Expressway and go toward Longqing Gorge, Yanqing, turn lelt at Ihe Huangbaisi crossroad and drive about 1km. It is around 80km from Madian.

Hardware: Undoubtedly, it is a relatively successful skiing course in Beijing in Ihe past two years. It has regular primary, medium and high-grade skiruns. Shijinglong specially rolled out the weekend skiing ecological 2-day tour suitable lor families, including playing snow, enjoying snow, snow skiing, holspring. medicated bath, body building, ecology, picking-up in green house. In the morning ol each Saturday, a nonstop bus will go from the east entrance of Pakson. Accomodation, traveling and amusement expenses altogether: 338 Yuan/person. Consultation Tel: 65212223

Snow World Skiing Course in Changping District

PlConveniently accessible by nonstop bus Irom eastern, southern and northern areas of Beijing. Visit "" for details. Or you can lake No.345 branch and get off at Zhengfadaxue (Politics & Law University) stop, then No.919 bus and get off at Changping Xiguan Huandao, change No.3 mini-bus; or drive lo Badaling Expressway exit 13B, drive 5km north straight when you see the Changping Xiguan Huandao, turn lelt at the Tailingyuan crossroad and go 800m ahead.

Feature: nearest to Beijing.
It is near the Tailing in the Shisanling Scenic Spot. 36km Irom Madian Flyover, a natural
skiing course nearest to Beijing at present.

Hardware: The site of "Snow World" was selected by American and Canadian ski experts according to the physiognomy and climate of Beijing. It occupies an area of 500,000 square meters, with the ski run totaling 800m over. It introduced all kinds ol ski appliances including snow maker, ski run finishing machine and snowfield motorcycle costing near 10 million Yuan. Additionally, it also provides recreational items such as piling up a snowman, horse-pulling ski, dog-pulling ski, snow night campfire party, snow field masked ball, etc. snow skiing training courses are also available here, enabling beginners to grasp the main points of skiing within 2-3 hours

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