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Dining in Beijing

Practical Information

Chinese emphasize "to eat is the most important thing". All grand hotels in Beijing collect many famous cooks with high skills and are famous for a kind of particular flavor all through the ages, such as the Tan Homely Food in Beijing International Hotel and the Western Food of French Style in Jianguo Hotel. You could hardly have a taste of them in other places. Restaurants of different flavor in ordinary hotels provide three meals, breakfast, lunch and supper. Beijing is a food capital that collects the delicious food all over the country. There are tens of thousands of restaurants in the street, hundreds of them are famous and have several special dishes of their own. There are also authentic western restaurant of French, American, Italian and Russian style and Japanese food, Korean barbecue, food of Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand flavor, which could meet the requirements of guests who miss home food in foreign countries. It is usually cheap to dine in the restaurants in the street. The opening hours is usually from 10:00 in the morning to 2:00 in the afternoon and 4:00 in the afternoon to 10:00 at night. Please pay attention to that the restaurants are usually crowded with customers in dinner hour. But foreign guests and country fellowmen of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan (if only two or three persons) will enjoy priority for dinning. The menu is usually written in Chinese as well as in English. The restaurants are usually fit up well and there is elegant single room. Customers could make reservation by telephone. But the demand always exceeds supply, especially in busy tourism season. Customers need to make a reservation in advance at that period of time. If you have interest, you could also visit small restaurants in the street for sake of saving time and money. You will feel more warmness there especially when the dinning hours have passed in grand hotels. It is cheap and the taste is quite fine. You could also have a taste of steamed stuffed bun, dumplings, noodles and homely dishes exclusively possessed in Beijing. Of course the environment here is not as elegant as in grand hotels, but the dish taste is not inferior to grand hotels.
Service fee Restaurants in Beijing usually do not charge tip or service fee. But in some high-end restaurant will charge 10% to 15% extra service fees in the bill autonomously.
Food and drinking consuming account for 16% of travel consuming. Information in this chapter lists restaurant at different levels, which cater for different consuming classes and groups coming to Beijing with different aims. The best restaurants, which provides Chinese and Western food, are listed with the classification of different districts in detail. You could have a taste of various foods in Beijing by consulting this book.

Chinese cooking has a long history and is a brilliant pearl in the cultural treasures of the Chinese Nation. It is equally famous with French and Turkish cooking, which are called as the three flavor systems of world cooking. Chinese food embodies the food culture tradition of the Chinese Nation and compared with cooking of other countries in the world, Chinese cooking has its own distinctive features. For example, Chinese cooking has various tastes. Chinese food has been divided into many styles from ancient times. There are four styles of food under the classification of regions-Bashu, Qilu, Huaiyang and Yuemin.

Spinning Restaurant Romantic Tour

It is suitable for romantic supper date for couples. But it is not a bad choice for a single person to enjoy the romance and beauty. Sitting in the spacious dinning hall, looking Beijing City in light at night and the flowing cars river, let night Beijing enjoy the supper with you.
How do you feel? You could enjoy scenery as well as delicious food in Beijing tour. To fix one quickly and to have a try with your friends!

Within the jurisdiction of Dongcheng District, there are a good many of food & beverage streets providing delicacies, such as the hot Wanglujing Snack Street, the day-closed and night open Dongsi Longlu Snack Street, the day-and-night blatant Dongzhimen Gui Jie. Especially the Gui Jie sees flourishing business everyday either in winter or summer. It's a place night owls must go lor ealing.

Longfusi Snack Street

Here you can enjoy many delicacies while slrolling leisurely. All snacks ol China gather here. Snacks ol authentic Beijing style come from no others bul Baikui Laohao where otters authentic soymilk, fried dough, Luzhu (pancake cooked in sheep ollal soup) and diversified barbecues. It's a very typical Muslim restaurant getting more blossoming when the night curtain falls. The 100m long snack stalls form a hot scene. Stall-keepers hawk one alter another. Just buy some sausage or fried squid costing Irom 3 to 5 Yuan.

Wangfujing Snack Street

As the curtain ol nighl tails, diners gather here, among whom are a larger number ol foreigners. Prices are not too low ol course. Dazzling snacks Irom all corners of the land gather at here. If wanna have a seat to enjoy your lood more comfortably, you might go to Sun Plaza Restaurant at 5th Floor as well.

Gui Jie

Don't be frightened by this name. Actually, the name ol this slreet originates Irom that it is a round-the-clock lood street. More late at night, more hot here. II you are a night owl loo, just come here. Take a seat and eat something while chatting to spend the long night as a strange visitor at a strange land. Stores here are not so large but suitable lor several friends drinking togelher and chatting quite well. Though with dated furnishing, they always have several dishes of everlasting aftertaste. Spicy Crab and Poached Fish in Pungent Sauce are eternally lamous dishes yet. In summer, you can also go to the Yiyuan Restaurant. Under the umbrages in a Siheyuan with the moonlight overhead, it looks more like a grand parly. Inside and outside ol the restaurant flow courteous greelings ol waiters and sweet smell of delicacies. Hungary at night ? Do not put yoursell to a great inconvenience. Go to the Gui Jie directly by a taxi, and then, all is ok.

Donghuamen Night Snack Street

Situated at the entrance of north street of Wangfujing, Donghuamen Night Snack Street is the most famous one in Beijing. lt has very high reputation not only in Beijing, but also foreign visitors also enjoy it. Currently, stroll this street has been the reserved program. At night,the flavored foods and voice of huckster had been a bright spot in Beijing evening.

Dongcheng Hot Zone

1. Tan Homely Food (Tan Jia Cai)
Take buses No.1,4,10,52,103 and get off at Wangfujing stop.

Specials recommended: Braised Shark's Fin: 990 Yuan/portion: Braised Fish Lips in Pot: 80 Yuan. Tan Homely Food enjoys a good name "none in the lood field doesn't praise Tan ". Seafood dishes are most famous. The worldly well known "Bird's Nest and Shark's Fin Banquet" is the magnum opus of Tan Homely Food. Ifs venison dishes are also in unique stylo. It's expert at vegetables and desserts too.

2. Beijing Gongzhengwei Restaurant

No. 130 Chaonei Street, Dongcheng District
Take buses No.110,112,120 or 109 and get off at Xiaojie stop

Specials recommended: Steamed Rice Flour Rolls With Meal, Braised Shark's Fin. It mainly serves dishes ol Beijing style. You'd belter have a reservation in advance.

3. Tian'anmen Fangshan Restaurant (Dongjiaominxiang Branch)

No. 37 Dongjiaominxiang, Chongnei Street, Dongcheng District

Specials recommended: Fangshan means making dishes and desserts following the pattern of Chinese ancient emperor's meals. Handmade special desserts are very flavorful, including deep fried sesame cake with minced meat, sweet puree of peas, kidney bean rolls and steamed corn bread. Box-packed desserts are also available as presents to your relatives and friends. Special dishes include Braised Shark's Fin, Sauted Sliced Fish, Fried Prawns with Crabmeat, Braised Toad, Braised Sea Cucumber with Sinew.

4. Muslem Building Restaurant

No. 5B Dongheyan, Andingmenwai, Dongcheng District
Take No.27 bus and get off at the terminal stop, or take buses No.18,104 or 108 and get off at Andingmen stop, 20 meters west from Andingmenqiao.

Specials recommended: Muslim Braised Ox-Tail With Brown Sauce

5. Rihao Restaurant

3/F, Tianlun Dynasty Hotel, No. 50 Wangfujing Slreel, Dongcheng Dislrict

Specials recommended: authentic Japanese dishes. Delicious Japanese food, sashimi and sushi: Tuna Sushi 55 Yuan: Salmon Sushi 45 Yuan; Super-grade Assorted Sushi 200 Yuan: stove barbecue and hot plate barbecue. Enjoy the infinite charm of Japanese dainties.

6. Qian Hui Janpanese Restaurant

No. 8, Hualongjiozhongduan, Nanheyandajlo, Dongcho
nil District

Special recommendations: roasted sea snail, RMB15 Yuan; roasted half-beak, RMB 60 Yuan; Qian Hui Salad, RMB 30 Yuan; Sashimi combo, RMB 120 Yuan.

7. Not Say Goodbye Till Meet

Basement 1,New Oriental Plaza,Dongcheng Dislrict
Take No. 10,14,52,120 and got olf nl Dongdan slop

Specials recommended: mainly serves Western lood ol Chinese style. A variety of beverage and desserts, sel meals are both nice and delicious. It's your lirsl choice to laslo Hongkong cuisine.

8. Meinanhe Thailand & Burmese Food and Beverage

1/F, Crowne Plaza Hotel, No. 48 WangfuJing Street
Take buses No. 108,104,111 and gel off at Wangfujing stop.

Specials recommended: Thai style: Steamed Mandarin Fish With Lemon: 158 Yuan; Curry Chicken: 38 Yuan, etc. The restaurant if lull of Thailand & Burmese flavor as well as intense tropic breath. Friends who haven't been to Thailand may come here to have an experience.

9. Beijing Dingtaizhen Food World

No. 116 Dongsi South Street, Dongcheng District
Take buses No. 105,109 or 110 and get off at Dengshikou stop.

Specials recommended: Stewed Spare Ribs With Garlic Sauce. 28 Yuan; Egg With Vegetable: 18 Yuan; Braised Pork Chop in Vinegar in Casserole Wuxi Style: 30 Yuan. It serves authentic Taiwanese food series ol authentic flavor.

Xicheng Hot Zone

I he Xicheng Distrcit, has an intensive reflection of the nature of Beijing as a national center ol politics and culture, together with a full demonstration of the characteristics of Beijing as a famous historic and cultural city and an ancient capital of world civilization. With Xisi and Xidan as the concentrated sites of business, Xicheng District is very prosperous. Yet delicacies 0 Chinese time-honored brands mustn't be missed. In addition to the cuisines in hotels and restaurants, sometimes an ordinary snack bar deep inside a Hulong may also bring you the most typical delicacies.

10. Fangshan Restaurant (Beihai Park Branch)
In the Beihai Park
Take tramcar No.5, 109 or 103 and gel off at Beihai Park stop.

Specials recommended: braised shark's fin, sauted sliced fish, fried prawns with crabmeat, braised toad, braised sea cucumber with sinew. It applies selected materials and perfect workmanship to cook nutritious cuisine of aesthetic color and appearance and light taste. Characteristics and literary quotation of royal dishes can be introduced to visitors.

11. Nuage

No.22,East Edge of Qianhai.Xicheng District

Specials recommended:beef noodle:35;Vietnam spring cake:30;Salad:130

12. Da San Yuan

No. 50 Jingshan West Street, Xicheng District
Take buses No.109, 103 or 101 and gel off at the Imperial Palace stop. It's between the Beihai Park
and the Jingshan Park.

Specials recommended: Four famous dishes of Da San Yuan:
1. Dongjiang Baked Chicken With Salt Sauce!
2. Lingnan Pan-Fried Pig's Spare Ribs;
3. Roasted Chicken; 4. Barbecued Pork Guangdong Style. Adjacenl to the Jingshan Park, it serves Cantonese morning tea, which is deeply welcome.

13. Beijing Lichang Seafood World

No. 137 Huguosi Street, Xicheng Dislricl
Take No.22 bus and gel off at Huguosi stop.

Specials recommended: Here you can enjoy authentic Guangdong seafood dishes. The Restaurant is composed of three floors, all ol which are arranged and fit up with sea background, fully reflecting the feature of Ihe reslaurant. Not all of its dishes are high-ranking bird's nest, shark's fin and abalone. II also oflers low-priced bul delicious and tasty dishes, including saute dishes ol Guangdong style, barbecues, dried meat, marinated dishes, restorative and beauty-preserving soup as well as Guangdong snacks.

14. Hongbinlou Restaurant

No. 11 Zhanlan Road, Xicheng District Opposilo to Ihe Million I raid I louse Take buses No.15, 816, 709 or 708 and gel off al Baiwanzhuang Dongkou stop.

Specials recommended: Roast Duck: 58 Yuan/duck; Instant boiled Million in t tot Pol, Seafood, Goat's Eyes: 33 Yuan; Fried Prawns and Stewed Prawns: 52 Yuan; Braised Sinew with Brown Sauce: 25 Yuan. Hong Bin Lou is a Muslim restaurant with a long-standing reputation, serving dishes of pure laste and elegant shape, which have been deeply welcome by gastronomes.

5. Brazil Barbecue Restaurant

No. 46 Fuxlngmennel Street, Xicheng District
Take buses No. 1, 4, 52 or 57 and get off at Xidan slop.

Specials recommended: Brazilian barbecue (more than 20 courses: beef steak, leg mutton, chicken's gizzard etc.) semi-buffet: 68 Yuan/person at daytime, 128 Yuan/person in the evening (excluding wines and drinks). As a super restaurant, it has high-ranking elegant and bright furnishings, reflecting Brazil's rich charm of South America as well as extremely distinctive gourmet cuisine.

Xicheng Hot Zone

16. Xi'an Restaurant

No. 20 Xinjiekou South Street, Xicheng District

Specials recommended: On October 6,1956, Chairman Mao came to Xi'an Restaurant to have dinner accompanied by Peng Dehuai, who ate the most famous delicacies including buns soaked in mutton soup, assorted vegetable and meat Xi'an style, sliced kidney, cucumber with sour and hot sauce, tried fished, quickly-tried meat, braised beel in pot, which have now been the tixed set meal, 120 Yuan/set.

17. Dadi Western Restaurant

No. 44 Xisi South Street, Xicheng District
Take buses No. 109,105 or 22 and get off at Xisi stop.

Specials recommended: Roasted Fish With Seafood Sauce: 30 Yuan; Grilled Pork Fillet: 20| Yuan; Fried Prawns: 60 Yuan. Authentic Western food of Russian style made by the old state-run restaurant. Under the dim neon lights, you'll feel back to a night in the 1970s or 1980s. It's! nostalgic visitors' favorite.

18. TongHeJu

No. 71B, Yuetan South Street

Specials recommended: we'll recommend the Braised Slices in Wine Sauce (38 Yuan). This! is an authentic Shandong dish. After the sliced chicken, sliced fish and sliced winter bamboo! shoots are fried with hot oil, then fry the wine residue, put the three kinds of slices. Take it outj when getting yellow. The jade-white dish tastes salty and flavorful.

19. Jinshancheng Chongqiong Hot Pot (Guanyuan Branch)
Northwest corner of the Guanyuan Flyover, Xizhimen
Northwest exit of Chegongzhuang Subway.

Specials recommended: instant-boiled mutlon in hot pot: 10 Yuan/plate

20. Sichuan Restaurant

In the Gong Palace Garden, 14A Liuyin Street, Xicheng Distrcit

Specials recommended: Opened on October 1,1959, it is the largest and the first high-ranking restaurant wholly serving Sichuan dishes in Beijing. Among numerous well-known Sichuan dishes, hot ones take only a little share.

Chongwen Hot Zone

Chongwen District is a key touring destination to investigate the simple and unsophisticated relics of Beijing: courteous and hospitable Beijing native dwellers, street-and-lane-across dainties, silent but still moving historic sites of past dynasties, and, of course gradually disappearing well-known old hutongs (lanes). It seems that your every step links the history of Beijing into a series of splendid playback pictures, so familiar and touching. Heat sweet smell of soymilk flies over from far away. Yeah, I think this is just the taste of Beijing!

21. Zhengyanglou Restaurant Qianmen Branch 2

No. 162 Xidamochang (West Polishing Plant), Qianmen
Take No.22 or 808 bus and get off at Xidamochang stop, then qo to the West Polishing Plant; or drive to Qianmen along the East Chang'an Avenue, then to the West Polishing Plant.

Specials recommended: Zhengyanglou Braised Chicken 28 Yuan/chicken; dishes at special price: Fried Kidney With Chili Sauce 18 Yuan/plate, Fried Lamb Kabob 14 Yuan/plate; as a lirst-grade restaurant, Zhengyanglou Restaurant is a time-honored brand with a history of one hundred years among Beijing's "Eight Grand Restaurants". Qianmen Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant.

22. Quan Ju De Roast Duck Qianmen Branch

No.32 Qianmen Street
Take buses No. 22, 53,59, 5, 803,110 or ring-line subway ring and get off at Qianmen (Da Shi Lan) stop, then walk south for about 3 minutes

Specials recommended: Quan Ju De Roast Duck 108 Yuan or 168 Yuan; Dishes at special price: Bush Banquet, Hiss Banquet (10 tables for each variety supplied every week, a 72-hour advance reservation is required.)

23. Donglaishun Untton Hotpot

No. 44 Dongjiao Minxiang
Northeast exit of Qianmen Subway.

Specials recommended: instant-boiled mutton in hot pot, Muslim dishes.

Chongwen Hot Zone

24. Yushan Restaurant

No. 87 Tiantan Road, Chongwen District

Specials recommended: Assorted Tofu, Lobster, Mushroom, Shrimp Balls With Vegetable, Sesame Pancake with Minced Pork, "Red Lotus on Snow Mountain". Eating at Yushan, you will feel like in the royal court. You can enjoy singing and dancing free of charge while eating. It's really a dye-in-the-wood experience of return to the ancients.

25. Beijing Xiaochang Chen Restaurant (Xigexinli Branch)

No. 110 Xigexinli, Yongdingmenwai, Chongwen District
Take No.14 bus and get off at Silutong stop, and go north, at the east side of the road.

Specials recommended: Crisped Pig's Large Intestines: 28 Yuan; Stewed Pig's Large Intestines: 18 Yuan; Stewed Pig's Stomach With Garlic; Marinated Combinations in Hot Pot: 118 Yuan; and a variety ol country style dishes.

26. Old Beijing Fried Bean Sauce Noodle King

No. 29 Chongwenmenwai Street
Take buses No.41,106 or 39 and get off at Hongqiao stop.

Specials recommended: Cucumber with Mustard Sauce: 6 Yuan; Fried Tofu With Minced Beef & Chili Sauce: 8 Yuan; Radish Peel: 5 Yuan; Braised Meat: 48 Yuan; Stewed Chops: 38 Yuan; Lobster with Hot Sauce: 25 Yuan.

27. Maxim's De Paris

2/F, Chongwenmen Hotel, 2 Chongwenmen West Street
at the Chongwenmen station by subway

Specials recommended: Prawn Salad: 118 Yuan; French Style Snail: 65 Yuan; French Beef Steak with Red Wine: 260 Yuan for two persons; Raspberry: 55 Yuan; onion soup French style, chef's goose liver, snail with Bogendy sauce, goose liver with sauce and beef steak.

28. Gong De Lin Vegetarian Restaurant

No. 158 Qianmen South Street, Chongwen District
Take buses No. 110,120 or 20 and get off at Zhushikou stop.

Specials recommended: The
Restaurant specially offers vegetable dishes of superior materials and high quality. Have a try? Both of the Sauteed Diced"Chicken"With Red Pepper and Sauteed Shredded "Ee" here are made Irom soy food, but are meaty in your mouth. Very delicious!

29. Hunan Turtle Restaurant (Deren Restaurant)

No. 211A, Xiheyan, Chongwen District
Take buses No.41 or 48 and get off at Zhengyilu Nankou stop, go 150m south from the Zhengyilu Nankou crossroad, it's at the eastside of the road.

Specials recommended: Stewed Turtle 128 Yuan; Stewed Fish Head with Pepper 38 Yuan; Sauteed Mashed Pork with Preserved Cowpea 18 Yuan. Hunan soft-shelled turtle is very fresh and delicious due to a very distinctive cooking method.

30. Kaifeng Steamed Dumpling With Pork & Vegetables

No. 83 Qianmen Street, Chongwen District
Take buses No.54, 59, or 110 and get off at Zhushikou stop.

Specials recommended: Fish in a Chrysanthemum Shape: 48 Yuan; Mashed Sweet Potato: 18 Yuan; Braised Pork Knuckle in Casserole: 48 Yuan; Steamed Dumpling With Pork & Vegetables of the Restaurant is well known across the country!

31. Capsicum House

No. 3 Chongwenmenwai Street, Chongwen District, in the New World Wanyi Hotel.
rakeNo.10,104,108,106,44 and 48 or subway, get off
at Chongwenmen station;Behind New World Shopping Mall

Specials recommended: Southeast Asian food, Thai style curry, Indian Barbecues Specially recommended: Braised Perch with Sauce of Thai Style

Xuanwu Hot Zone

Otrolling on the street corner of the old district Xuanwu with a history of more than 3000 years, walking into a street restaurant casually, what is always shown in front of you is a colorful and vigorous picture ol Beijing folk customs. Old and fresh looks of the southern area of Xuanwu district are combined here. A bit of past scenes of ancient Beijing can be found dimly here.

32. Tian Xing Ju Pig's Liver Congee Restaurant

No. 95 Xianyukou Street, Qianmon Wai, Xuanwu
Take No.110 bus and got off at Qianmon stop, then 200 motors east from the crossroad.

Specials recommended: snacks of ancient Beijing stylo including Pig's Liver Congee: 1.90 Yuan/tureen; Sesame Pancake and Steamed Dumpling: 12 Yuan/500g (30 pieces); a 100 year-old restaurant, authentic pig's liver congee.

33. Beijing Hepingmen Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant

Bldg.14, Qianmon West Street
lake buses No. 44, 48, 66,14,15, 707, To 7 or subway and get off at Hopingmon stop, at Hie southeast corner of

Specials recommended: Roast Duck, Scalded Duck's Heart, Duck Feet With Mustard Sauce Braised Mullet Egg Soup. "Quan Ju De" was lounded in the Year Tongzhi 3 ol Qing Dynasty (1864), As a time-honored theme restaurant lamous in China and loroign countries, it mainly oflers roast duck and Shangdong dishes as well as "all duck banquet" ol distinctive flavor. It's the largest restaurant serving spocially roast duck in China as well as in Hie world

34. Fengze Garden Restaurant

No. 83 Zhushikou West Street, Xuanwu
Specials recommended: authentic Shandong dishes.
Braised Biche do nior With Scallion: 140 Yuan/portion; Mullet Egg: 60 Yuan/portion.

35. Chao Du Cheng Restaurant

West of No.175.,Qianmen Hotel 1st lloor.Xuanwu District
Take No.23,15,66,7,6,get oil at Hufanglu,opposite 50 meters

Specials recommended: Serve you Shanghai food and different zone's llavor: santed shrimp, sauted eel, garlic sauted eel.

36. Red Nose Guilin Style Hotpot

No. 1A, Beibinhelu.Guanganwenwai Street, Xuanwu District
Shoupakounanjie Stop by Bus No. 708 and 932

Specials recommended: Clear Chicken Tonic, RMB 5 Yuan; Stewed Chicken Hotpot, RMB 39 Yuan; Beer duck with seasoning, RMB 48 Yuan; sour and hot soup powder, RMB 8 Yuan,

Chaoyang Hot Zone

If you live in Chaoyang to the moment, you'll have the good luck to eat delicacies and need not to worry about finding a restaurant for dinner any longer. Even though you will change a restaurant everyday, you'll have no repeated meals in a year. There're restaurants everywhere in Chaoyang District where every kind of delicacies ol the world gather. What you'll do is only to take money to your preferred restaurant and pray the God to bless not propping up your stomach.

37. Flavor Zhen Restaurant

1/F, West Building of China World Trade Plaza, No. 1 Jianguomenwai Street
Take No.1 or 4 buses and gel off al Dabelyao stop

Specials recommended: "Fo Tiao Qiang" (Shark's Fin, Sea Cucumber and Variegated Mushroom Soup): 198 Yuan/cup; Set Food ol Shark's Fin and "Fo Tiao Qiang": 288 388 Yuan/ person, Complimentary "Fo Tiao Qiang" can be available il you buy abalono which is ollered al price from 488 Yuan/500g.

38. Feiteng Yuxiang Restaurant (Xinyuan South Road Branch)

Opposite to the Construction Bank on the west side of Kunlun Hotel, Xunyuan South Road. Chaoyang Dlslrict

Specials recommended: Poached Fish in Pungent Sauce is in a Northern Chongqing Style.
We'd like to Introduce you our Stewed Fish In Clear Sauce Northern Chongqing Style. A dozen
of dishes at special prices are rolled out at noon time every week, including Fried Sliced Pork With Pepper & Chill, Sauteed Potato Willi Minced Pork, Sauteed Diced Chicken With Nuts & Chill, Braised Chinese While Cabbage in Pot.

39. Meizhou Dongpo Restaurant (Jinsong Branch)

No. 208 Jinsong Zone, Chaoyang District
Take Busines No. 52, 41 51 and get off at Jinsong Central street.

Spoclals rocommondod: Braised Sliced Pork: 25 Yuan; Braised Diced Popper In Silver Pol: 48 Yuan; Braised Chicken Willi Hud Pepper Min/hoii Style: 38 Yuan.

40. Zhoukoufang Buyi Venison Hot Pot

West entrance of the Chinese Nationality garden, Chanyang District
Take buses No 830.386 or 407 and get off at the stop of 200 meters along the right side

Specials recommended: As a special restaurant lo oat wild mushroom, il olfers more than 40 kinds of natural wild edible lungus. Black-bone chicken soup: 58 Yuan; Fresh Mushroom: 15-40 Yuan; Sausage With Hot Sauce Sichuan Style: 20 Yuan/plate; Shredded Chicken With Spicy Sauce: 15 Yuan; Fried Rico With Hot and Sour Sauce, Deep Fried Sesame Glutinous Rice Flour Ball.

41. Small Potato Restaurant

Opposite to the General Hospital of Coal, Liufang North Street, Chaoyang District
Specials recommended: Northeast Dishes: Stewed Small Potato in Soy Sauce: 12 Yuan/plate; Braised Chicken in Pot: 18 Yuan/portion; Crispy Chicken with Chili & Garlic Sauce: 18 Yuan/ portion. It serves Northeast dishes mainly. Other dishes include Sichuan dishes and roast duck. It's one of the chain stores of Northeast Small Potato Group. Branches also can be found at Maliandao, Fuwai Street, Cuiwei, Yuquan Road and Madian.

Chaoyang Hot Zone

42. Ashenti

Opposite to the North Gate of Workers'Stadium, Chaoyang District
Take buses No. 118,120, 110 or 403 and get off at Gongti (Workers' Stadium) stop.

Specials recommended: Red Wine from Spain: 200 Yuan/ bottle; Italian on-the-spot ground coffee; for 2 persons seafood rice Spanish style: 175 Yuan/portion. As one of the three restaurants serving Spanish dishes in Beijing, its boss keeps close contact with celebrities in the art and show circles. So you'll find stars frequently here.

43. Ancient Castle Restaurant

1/F, Jinglun Hotel, No. 3 Jianguomenwai Street, Chaoyang Dsitrcit
Take buses No.1, 52 Branch, 57, 4, 9, 48, 28 or 938 and got off at Dabeiyao stop, or get off at Yong'anli or Guomao (China World Trade Plaza) subway slop

Specials recommended: desserts: France Egg Cuslard 28 Yuan; Noodles: Spaghetti (served with vanilla sauce) 54 Yuan; soup: Onion Soup 25 Yuan; Ancient Castle Restaurant is a pure French restaurant bar with the longest bar counters in Beijing. Its distinctive architectural and decoration styles will enable you to appreciate French culture while enjoying your wines and delicacies.

44. Cafe Renaissance

7/F, Jingguan New World Hotel, Hujialou, Chaoyang District
Take buses No.112,118,402,405, 9 or Kang En Special Line and get off at Hujialou stop.

Specials recommended: breaklast, lunch and supper are available here. Vegetable Sandwich; 45 Yuan; Prawns: 210 Yuan/3 pieces; Beel Sleak: 170 Yuan/160g. Business set lunch, 88 Yuan each person; evening party set lood: 98 Yuan; Saturday Set Curried Food: 68 Yuan each person, together with various desserts and coffee.

45. Jianguomen Hotel French Restaurant

In Jianguomen Hotel, 5 Jianguomenwai Street, Chaoyang District
Specials recommended: French Style Snail: 102 Yuan; Goose Liver Paste: 162 Yuan; Beef Steak: 125 Yuan/1 Og.

46. Beijing Fulou Restaurant

Longbo Plaza, No. 16 East 3rd Ring North Road, Chaoyang District
Take No.405 bus and get off at Nongzhanguan (National Agricultural Exhibition Center) stop.

Specials recommended: Beijing Fulou Restaurant serves authentic French dishes specially. Set lunch: 88 Yuan; Set supper: 128 Yuan; Assorted Seafood Platter: 168 Yuan; Iresh small Oyster: 87 Yuan per hall dozen; large oyster: 150 Yuan per half dozen.

47. Purana Brewage Cafe

Beijing Lufthansa Center, Liangmaqiao, Chaoyang District
Take buses No.302, 413 ui 418 and get off at Liangmaqiao stop

Specials recommended: Soil brewed Purana beer: 32-
8I> Yuan; t lorman stylo dishes include Pig's Knuckle S Sausage: round 200 Yuan, assorted steak and other traditional food ol Germany. As the first restaurant-in brewery in Beijing, it's lamous lor sell prepared Iresh and puinl ioiman hooi Allei !):00pui eveiy niglil (excluding Monday), singing group give on-the spol show.

48. Texas Bar & Grill

In I loliday Inn I ido I lolol, Jianglai Road. Capital Airport Road

Specials recommended: Fillet: 78 Yuan /100g; Rib eye: RMB65 Yuan/1 OOg; Sirloin: 63 Yuan /1 OOg. II also serves Mexican dishes: hot plate barbecues, sealood etc. Walking into the Texas Bar & Grill. In the Holiday Inn Lido Hotel, you will leel as il the time was reversed and you were in a small village restaurant inside an American state of the 19th century.

49. Lejazz(Fulllink)

Fulllink Plaza 4lh Floor.Chaowaidajie,Chaoyang Distrist
Specials recommended:fried chicken(Lejazz1/4fried chicken+2 dessert+1 cake):34 Yuan; roast mutton(roast mutton +2 dessert+1 cake):38 Yuan; live show after 21:00.

Chaoyang Hot Zone

50. Origus Western Restaurant

No.19,Chaowaidajie,Chaoyang District
Take No 320,332,808,904 get off at

Specials recommended: Special Pizza; Deep Fried Chicken Thighs "American" Style (all is bullet, no separate prices), Bulfet: 39 Yuan each person. The 18-year-old Restaurant is from US Pittsburgh.

51. Vietnam Restaurant of Bajiao Villa

In the Kunlun Hotel, 2 Xinyuan South Road, Chaoyang District
Take No.403, 413 or 813 buses and gel off at Xiaoliangmaqiao stop.

Specials recommended: shizi gun xiuqiu: 185 Yuan; kongque kaiping: 286 Yuan; Stewed Minced Pork Ball: 85 Yuan. The Restaurant oilers Vietnamese dishes primarily.

52. Asian Star Singaporean, Malaysian & Indian Restaurant

No.26 East 3rd Ring North Road, Chaoyang District

Specials recommended: Braised Tolu With Curry: 28 Yuan/plate; Curried Chicken Indian Style: 35 Yuan/plate; Marsara Curry: 35 Yuan/plate,

53. Jianghuchuan Japanese Restaurant (Jing'anzhuang Branch)

No.6 Bldg.81, Jiang'anzhuang, Xibahe, Chaoyang District
Take buses No.300 or 302 and get off at Jing'anzhuang slop.

Specials recommended: Sashimi: from 45 Yuan; Sushi: Irom 10 Yuan; Grilled Eel: 55 Yuan; Japanese Sake: Irom 25 Yuan.

54. Fuzhu Sushi Restaurant

No. 17 Jianguomenwai Street (beside the Friendship Store)
Take buses No.1, 4, 57 or subway and get off at Jianguomen stop.

Specials recommended: Eel Rice: 39 Yuan; Hand-made Noodles Japanese Style: 25 Yuan; Sea Hedgehog Sushi: 22 Yuan/plate; Tuna Sushi: 22 Yuan. The first sushi restaurant in Beijing. Japanese chef cooks at your tableside. Proper prices, fresh materials. A variety of sealood is supplied specially by airfreight every day.

55. Ah Wen Juicy Meat Bun Restaurant

At the lane path, north side of Guiyou Plaza, the first floor of Bldg.9, Guanghuaxili, Jianguomenwai
Take No.48 bus and get off at Guanghuaxili stop.

Specials recommended: famed across Beijing, Ah Wen Juicy Meat Bun Restaurant features: thin cover, adequate soup, adequate stuffing, delicious taste; instant preparation, instant steaming and instant eating. Stuffing includes fresh pork, fresh shrimp, fresh scallop and crab cream. The crab cream is from fresh water crabs airfreighted Irom Taihu Lake to Beijing, rare and of high quality and natural taste. The Restaurant also serves a dozen of southern snacks: Every dish is exquisite. Noodles and Chinese set meal are also served. Ah Wen Juicy Meat Bun Restaurant: 8 Yuan lor pork stuffing, 12 Yuan lor shrimps stuffing and 16 Yuan for crab cream stuffing.

56. Dai Village Restaurant

West Gate of Guandongdian South Street (No.3501 Plant), Chaoyang District
Take buses No. 109.112 101 or 846 and get olf at Hujialou stop.

Specials recommended: Beaulilul pictures ol the border province ol Yunan bring you to a bamboo building in a watery border village ol Dai Nationality. Dai ladies on ethnic clothes guide you to your table and present special tea for you. You can enjoy nearly 300 kinds of special dishes including Roast Fish in Bamboo Tub, Pineapple Rice amd Crispy Dog. You can also enjoy unique dancing.

57. Yuan Tai Zu Mongolian Barbecue (Asian Games Village Branch)

Bldg.4, Anhuili Quarter 2, Chaoyang District (opposite to the Yan Huang Art Museum)

Take buses No.
108, 358, 328 and got olf at Yan Huang Arl Museum stop.

Specials recommended: Mongolian barbecue, soil service hot pot, Japanese style barbecue, tabloside cooked by famous Taiwan chels. 58 Yuan each adult, 28 Yuan lor each child. It's a bullet rostauranl serving Mongolian barbecue, soil service hot pot dishes, Chinese and Western pastries, Southern and Northern Chinese dishes. Chefs cook delicacies al your tabloside.

58. Sheng Lin Fu

Soulh of Bldg No.18, North Sanlitun, Chaoyang District
Take No. 115 bus and get off at Sanlitun stop.

Specials recommended: "Fu Shou Ban" (Happiness & Longevity Plate) (Official & Fortune Plate): 45 Yuan/portion; Cashew & Dried Beel Floss: 50 Yuan/portion (including 6 sets); Crispy Chicken Thighs: 28 Yuan; The boss is a Taiwanese whose family plant tea. All kinds ol tea in the Restaurant are Championship winners al Taiwan Tea Contest. Semiyearly, the boss takes tea Irom Taiwan to Beijing himself. It has been keeping the authentic Taiwan flavor. Raw materials are seldom seen on Beijing Market.

59. Xi He Ya Ju

Northeast corner of Ritan Park
Take buses No.112,115,101,109 or Kang En Special Line and get off at Dongdaqiao stop, go south for 10 minutes to the Ritan Park.

Specials recommended: Braised Pork Chop With Garlic Sauce: 28 Yuan; Grilled Beef-Steak With Black Pepper Sauce on Hot Plate: 28 Yuan; Fried Shredded Eels With Hot Oil: 38 Yuan; Braised Silver Hake With Fresh Shrimps and Yolk: 88 Yuan.

Haidian Hot Zone

I he innervating Haidian is well known across the world for its hi-tech and cultural resources, together with concentrated first-class famous universities. Its especial humanism environment provides you with a distinctive urban feeling. Certainly its cuisines are very unique style too! The pulse of Beijing beats more powerfully in here.

60. Cuiweixiang Food City

No.3,Changwalu,Haidian District
Take No.323,944,730, 300,15,get off at Weigongcun

Specials recommended: Five Flavored Fish:28 Yuan; Maoshi Meat: 28 Yuan. Hunan Fish is a very special dish in Beijing.

61. Beijing Caixianggen Restaurant

15 Tsinghua East Road, Haidian District

Specials recommended: As a Hunan restaurant of one hundred years old, this Restaurant is one of the Tanzhou Top 10 Restaurants. It's well known across China for its high-quality and pure-taste dishes. Special dishes: Braised Fish Head with Pepper, Braised Perch with Chili, Braised Donkey Meat, and Pan-fried Pork Chop.

62. Bater Hotpot Restaurant

Building A18.Xiaoxitian. Xinjiekouwaidajie,Haidian District

Specials recommended: mutton hotpot:48 Yuan(full)/28 Yuan(half), Flavored fish:38 Yuan, Mongolia mutton:5 Yuan; roast mutton:48 Yuan.

63. Tingli House Restaurant (in the Summer Palace)

At the foot of Longevity Hill (Wanshoushan) in Summer Palace
Take buses No.332, 374, 374 branch, 716 or 817 and get off at Xinjiangongmen stop.

Specials recommended: Tingli House is a main building located to the west of Longevity Hill (Wanshoushan). Empress Dowager Cixi once enjoyed opera and music here.

64. Minghui Tea House Shaoxing Restaurant

Inside the Temple of Great Awakening (Dajuesi), Bei'anhe Township, Haidian District
Take buses No.903 or 346 and get off at Dajuesi stop,
then 300m to the west.

Specials recommended: Special Style Braised Fish: 40 Yuan; Stowed Pork With Preserved Vegetable: 28 Yuan. Cooked by southern senior chels, Specially Steamed Chicken and Fish Soup and other dishes are famous for a thousand years. They are also served with 3-lo-10-year Chinese yellow wine. Reportedly, Emperor Qianlong of Qing Dynasty wrote himself Ihe plaque name "Qiyun Xuan" and lived here.

65. Wanton Horn Shuangyushu Branch

Deep in the street opposite lo Shuang'an Department Store, Haidian District

Specials recommended: the restaurant serves Wonton, sesame pancake, steamed dumpling and various countryside style cold dishes. Pork Wonton: 3 Yuan/bowl; Wonton in Hot Soup: 4 Yuan /bowl; Wonton in Sour Soup: 5 Yuan /bowl; Shrimp Wonlon: 6 Yuan /bowl; Wonton Hou is your best choice for a good meal with less money and more delicacies.

66. Xiyu Restaurant (Huayuanlu Head Office)

No. 8 Huanyuan East Road, Haidian Districl
buses No.949, 22 or 47 and get olf at Miiilanyuan slop.

Specials recommended: Xinjiang local food and seafood. Roasl Lamb's Leg: B8 Yuan /large portion, and 66 Yuan /small portion; grilled mutton, mutton chop, Iherne mutton chop, double-boiled mullon wilh radish.

67. Chu Tian Qing

No. 1 Zaojunmiao Road, Haidian District, Beijing

Specials recommended: Hubei dishes including the specials: Braised Duck with Bean Sauce in Bamboo Tube: 26 Yuan; Steamed Pork Chop in Bamboo Tube: 28 Yuan.

68. Huifengtang Restaurant

5/F, Cuiwei Tower, Haidian District
Take No.337 bus and get off at Cuiwei Tower stop.

Specials recommended: Shandong dishes, Guangdong dishes and seafood. Specially recommended: Braised Biche-de-mer with Scallion: 48 Yuan; Braised Slice Yellow Fish in Wine Sauce: 40 Yuan; Braised Shredded Chicken in Wine Sauce: 35 Yuan; Roast Duck (1750g ca.): 70 Yuan /set. As a century-old restaurant, it combines the traditional and modern styles

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