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Curio Expedition Guide

Beijing, with its long history and sophisticated cultural background, has become a place of historical works. These works are world-renowned, due to their intricate craftsmanship and seemingly unlimited variety. Some of these works are jade articles, carved-lacquer items, wooden articles, cloisonreenamel, antique clocks and watches, embroideries and ceramics. These
Iizzling works are desired by many, and their eators are envied by multitudes,

The following are some of the places - including the biggest indoor curio market in the world, Beijing Curio Town - where such works can be enjoyed. Beijing Baigong Museum is reputed to be China's live arts and crafts museum, as each shop inside is an ideal place to hunt for curios. As the Olympics will soon be held in Beijing, by visiting curio shops, one can, with travelers from abroad, discuss the different techniques used to authenticate and appreciate curios, which can lead to person-to-person cultural exchanges.

Beijing Curio Town

Address: Chaoyang District, Dongsanhuan, 21
South Road.
Tel: 67736021
Directions: Take bus 28, 300, 3 52, 378, 7 57,
830 or 986 and get off at Shilihe St; Ition.

Beijing Curio Town is the world's biggest indoor curio market. On the first floor are shops that mainly sell crafts - including Beijing's cloisonne enamel, Yixing's Zisha, Jingdezhen ceramics, Fujian's Shoushanshi and engraved antique furniture, which many people can't stop thinking about. On the second and third floors are shops that mainly sell curios. The owners are mostly interested in selling curio ceramics, antique clocks and watches, articles of precious metals, antique carpets, embroideries, statues of Buddha, and the four treasures of the study - the writing brush, ink stick, ink slab and paper. Curios and crafts from across China are available; therefore, one is sure to find his/her favorite, and most-desired, item.

Handicraft Museum

Address: Chongwen District (on the road
north of Longtanhu)
Tel: 67143707
Directions: Take bus 8. 37, 41, 352, 607,
750 or 958 and get off at Guanminglou

Handicraft Museum, supported by Beijing's municipal government, is tasked with cultural communications, collection verification and cultural art design, production, development and promotion. The museum is known as the "live, mobile museum," and its collections are of great authority, in terms of art design; authenticity, in skilled production; and reliability, in techniques. On the third floor is Fine Art & Textile Company, which is heaven for people seeking high-class gifits or items for their personal collections. The museum has been highly praised by numerous visitors, from home and abroad, including overseas tourists and high-profile government officials, who have been attracted by the large collection of valuable items.


Address: Xuanwu District (outside
Directions: Take bus 7, 14 or 15 and get off
at Liulichang Station.
Liulichang is a famous "culture street" in Beijing; it dates back to the Qing Dynasty. Back then, people from across China visited Beijing to participate in the imperial examinations, and this was the area at which the successful candidates congregated. That is why the area has more stores selling books, pens, ink and paper than elsewhere in the city. As a result, there is a strong cultural atmosphere in the area. Many tourists frequent the area to buy curios. The following are some of the famous, and highly recommended.

Name Specilties Telephone
Rongbaozhai Four treasures of tte Sidy - the "Tiling brush. ink stick, ink slab and taper; curio printings 6304746S
Guji Bookstore Antique books 63032104
Lehaixuan Chinese musical instruments 63031472
Qinyuntang Tablet record prints, from various dynasties 63031209
Cuizbenzbaj Chinese stamps: metallic articles: ceramics 63030954
Jiguge Bronze articles; ceramics 63017846
Hongbaolang Four treasures of the study - the writing brush, ink stick, ink slab and papen curio painting 63017427

Liangmaqiao Collector's Market

Address: Chaoyang District. 27 Liangmaqiao Road.
Tel: 64621625
Directions: Take bus 413, 418. 419. 710. 757. 857 or
909 and get off at Anjialou Station.

Liangmaqiao Collector's Market has been open for more than 10 years. The market is approximately 5,000 square meters, it's well situated for transportation and parking. The market specializes in collectible ceramics, jade articles, clocks and watches, cameras, calligraphies, carpets, and pieces of furniture from the Ming and Qing dynasties. The collectibles have been obtained from private collectors and civilians. Liangmaqiao is a well-known market - in China and overseas - for antique crafts.

Panjiayuan Secondhand Market

Address: Chaoyang District. Dongsanhuan.
Paniiavuan. 18 Huaweili.
Tef: 67752405
Directions: Take bus 28, 300, 368, 607,
730, 810 or 907 and get off at Panjiayuan Station.

Panjiayuan Secondhand Market has been named China's largest secondhand market by the media. Panjiayuan is approximately 48,500 square meters. It's divided into four main areas: Crafts, antiques, secondhand furniture and antique calligraphies and periodicals. There are approximately 3,000 booths. Panjiayuan Secondhand Market has become one of the main destinations for domestic tourists during their visits to Beijing.

Zhaojia Chaowai Traditional Furniture Market

Address: Chaoyang District, Huaweibeili,
Building 43.
Tel: 67706410
Directions: Take bus 35. 37, 300. 801,
802, 830 or 907 and get off at Jingsong Dongkou Station.

On the first floor of Zhaojia Chaowai Traditional Furniture Market are many pieces of traditional furniture, of the same color. Also, there are many different types of traditional furniture and distinctive crafts. These works are so attractive to the senses that one might not want to leave. The market specializes in traditional furniture, which can be found primarily on the first and third floors. On the fourth floor are curios, ceramics, clocks and watches, and similar other items. The curio collection is virtually complete. It's another must-visit during one's expedition in Beijing.

Gaobeidian Traditional Furniture Street

Address: Chaoyang District, Gaobeidian. Tel: 87739007
Directions: By car, take thejingtong Expressway to the Gaobeidian exit, then turn right at the first traffic light and continue to the destination.

Gaobeidian Traditional Furniture Street is located at the head of a canal; it's a street full of vigor and opportunity, and the charm of Chinese culture can be felt everywhere. In the interest of business expansion, Gaobeidian Traditional Furniture has spearheaded, and intensified, the spread of Chinese folk-custom knowledge, to strengthen its brand. "Climb the Great Wall, eat roast duck, go to Gaobeidian" has become the trend of foreigners traveling in Beijing.

Hongqiao Market

Address: Chongwen District. Tiantan
East Road.
Tel: 67119130
Directions: Take bus 39, 43, 60, 116, 610
or 812 and get off at Fahuasi Station.

Hongqiao Market is situated to the east of Tiantan Garden. Its history and culture are both extensive. On the third floor is a curio market; although its curio market is not as widely recognized as Panjiayuan's, virtually everything is available. The market has curio calligraphies, civilian secondhand goods, the four treasures of the study and crafts. The most popular goods are pearl necklaces and crafts.

Baoguosi Culture Market

Address: Xuanwu District (north of
Guananmennei Street).
Tel: 63173214
Directions: Take bus 42, 57, 410, 617 or 620
and get off at Guanganmen Station.

Baoguosi Culture Market was built in 1997. Even though it was constructed in recent times, it did not take long to build its reputation. It now has antique books, calligraphies, coins and curios. The market's operations have taken shape, and the complex is performing exceptionally well. The year-round exhibits are composed of a 'world coin and stamp museum," "Chinese stamp museum," and "Chinese coin museum."


Curios are precious and aged articles; this is the reason for the high prices. So, before purchasing an item, make sure it is not fake

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